The Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Master Plan follows previous plans completed in 1980, 1986, 1989, 1998 and 2003. The strategic initiatives included in each Plan advanced the parks and open space system to where it is today. The emphasis in this Plan is on:

  • Continuation of the Division’s core services including recreation and leisure, open space, and education at existing and new County parks;
  • Continuation of the Division’s role as a provider of large parks and as a facilitator and partner to the school system, municipalities and special interest groups who share common goals for land acquisition, environmental protection, trails, greenways and collocation of park/schools;
  • The validation of the Division’s primary role of protecting the environment by continued pursuit of the open space policies and strategies established by the Board of Commissioners;
  • The importance of providing for an environmental stewardship program;
  • The need to seek support for financing planned improvements to existing County parks and four potential new County parks;
  • The value of leveraging resources by strengthening partnerships with municipalities, the school system and special interest groups who share common goals; and
  • The very high priority of working with partners to facilitate the development of regional trails and greenways.

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