​Wake County’s parks and open spaces do more than provide recreational opportunities for our residents; they also represent a cultural identity and a natural legacy.

Our Division operates eight park and trail facilities and in fiscal year 2016, these facilities had a combined visitation of 1,252,085 patrons.

Our parks offer many opportunities for recreation and exploration – exhilarating mountain biking, sailing across Lake Crabtree, picnicking with your family, horseback riding along the American Tobacco Trail, watching the waterwheel turn on the last remaining gristmill in Wake County, learning about the flora and fauna that call piedmont North Carolina home… something to meet almost every interest can be found minutes from home.

Our Open Space program, which strives to protect water quality through targeted land acquisition, has protected over 4,700 acres of land across Wake County. Our program has partnered with local municipalities, the state and local land trusts toward our goal of conserving 30 percent of the County’s total land area.

The future also holds a number of challenges. Our County’s population continues to grow at a rate of nearly 69 people per day and the demand on our facilities and programs is increasing. Our Division is acquiring land and beginning the process of planning additional County parks as well as investing in facility upgrades of our current parks.

Within Wake County’s geographic boundaries, parks and recreation services and facilities are provided by twelve municipal governments, the County, the State of North Carolina, the US Army Corps of Engineers and a host of private and non-profit organizations. This makes communication, coordination, collaboration, and planning essential to our future success.

Wake County’s vision is to be a great place to live, work, learn and play! The Division of Parks, Recreation and Open Space is a key pillar of this vision. So… get out and visit your local park and enjoy all our community has to offer

Christopher Snow, Director
Wake County Parks, Recreation and Open Space