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October 15
​Board adopts two resolutions focused on protecting the environment

The Wake County Board of Commissioners took a significant step forward today to help protect the local environment and conserve precious natural resources now and in the future.

The board adopted two important resolutions during its regular meeting. One endorses the goal of achieving 100% clean energy by 2050. The other celebrates our biodiversity by supporting greater use of native plants in Wake County.

100% Clean Energy Goal
The board would like to see a reduction in harmful greenhouse gas emissions. The resolution adopted today will help do that in Wake County Government facilities and vehicles.

It establishes a goal of fully relying on renewable energy sources by 2050, but it allows for discretion based on available technology, budget availability and organizational readiness. 

“The recent report by the International Panel on Climate Change shows very clearly that if we don’t start to make unprecedented changes to lower greenhouse gases, issues like sea level rise and damaging extreme weather will only continue – threatening our food supply, our homes and our safety,” said Commissioner John Burns who led the development of the resolution. “We have to do our part to drive historic environmental change, and by endorsing this clean energy goal, we’re part of the solution.”

Native Plant Initiative
Our region’s native plants – such as the American holly, butterfly weed and creeping phlox – are environmentally valuable. They not only preserve our natural heritage, but they also help restore the ecological balance lost through development.

Wildlife ranging from birds and butterflies to mammals and reptiles are attracted to native plants and use them for food, shelter and rearing their young. In addition to preserving habitat, using native plants in local landscaping can help conserve water and reduce maintenance costs.

“There are so many reasons why native plants are the best choice for our community,” said Vice Chair Sig Hutchinson who spearheaded this effort. “That’s why we voted today to support increasing our use of native plants in Wake County. We hope to serve as a role model for municipalities, nurseries, landscape professionals and property owners, so they will join us in this initiative.”

Both resolutions fall under the board’s Growth and Sustainability goal, which establishes a deliberate and realistic approach to address growth and mobility while preserving our environment and healthy communities.


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