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October 01
​Wake County Launches New Transparency Portal

Wake County launched a new web presence this month that gives users easy access to information about the county’s business operations and strategic performance goals. It’s called the Transparency Portal, and visiting it is as simple as clicking on wakegov.com/transparency.

“As a government organization dedicated to serving the public, it’s important that we openly and transparently show Wake County residents how we do business,” said Wake County Board of Commissioners Chair Jessica Holmes. “We invite them to visit this website often to see how well we’re meeting our short- and long-term goals, as well as how we’re spending their tax dollars.”

The Transparency Portal features:

  • A performance dashboard – This new tool lists the Board of Commissioners’ top goals and initiatives for the county and shows how much progress the county has made in achieving them. It also shows key measures for our departments that widely serve the community, such as EMS and Human Services, and illustrates the strides they’ve made to enhance efficiency and effectiveness;
  • WATCH – WATCH stands for Wake Accountability Tax Check. It’s a single point of reference that highlights how the county is spending your tax dollars and managing its programs with fiscal responsibility. WATCH features information about county expenditures, and it allows users to view transactions with vendors and compare the budget to actual expenses;
  • Open data portalThe open data portal makes high-quality information and source data accessible to all stakeholders, so they can use it to help make informed decisions. The information is provided in a variety of formats and searchable in a number of categories. This enables businesses, nonprofits, government organizations, neighborhood groups and residents to find the data they need quickly and easily. 
  • Public Records RequestsWake County has a new tool for receiving requests for public records from residents, and users can find it on the new Transparency Portal. The tool enables people to see the status of their requests, ask questions or clarify the information that they seek, and receive the requested records directly once they’re available.

All these features and more are offered on the Transparency Portal, which is live at wakegov.com/transparency.


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