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June 13
​Rabid Raccoon Found Near Apex

Wake County Animal Control responded to a report of a rabid raccoon on U.S. Highway 64 West between Davis Drive and Fern Valley Lane on Monday, June 11. A Wake County resident was walking his two dogs when they encountered a raccoon acting aggressively. The dogs killed the raccoon. The raccoon tested positive for rabies on Tuesday, June 12.

Both dogs are up to date on rabies vaccines and received rabies boosters on June 11. One of the dogs scratched the resident after the encounter. The resident is following appropriate rabies treatment protocols.

Wake County advises residents to never handle wildlife or stray animals. Instead, they are encouraged to call Animal Control (919-856-6911) to appropriately handle the situation.

The chances of encountering animals that can transmit rabies increase as the temperatures rise. Wake County encourages pet owners to protect their pets by making sure their rabies vaccinations are up to date.

The Wake County Animal Center holds rabies clinics throughout the county, providing vaccines for only $5. Owners unsure of their pet’s vaccination status should contact their veterinarian.

Here are additional steps people can take to prevent the spread of rabies:

  • When pets are outside, they should be in a fenced-in area or on a leash. Do not leave food outside for pets, because it will also attract wildlife.

  • If you see a wild or unfamiliar animal, do not approach it, even if it seems to be behaving normally. Animals showing signs of rabies should be reported to local animal control as soon as possible.

  • Infected bats can also spread rabies. If you find a bat in a living space of your home, try to enclose it in a small room or closed-off area, and call animal control. Do not let the bat out of your house.

  • If a wild animal showing signs of rabies bites your pet and draws blood or gets in a fight with your pet, the pet is at risk for exposure to rabies. Call animal control for assistance right away. Pets that have had a rabies vaccine need to get a booster shot within 72 hours of the bite.

  • If you or someone you know has been bitten by a potentially rabid animal, wash the wound immediately with soap and water and contact your doctor.

To report animal complaints and stray animals:

  • In Wake County (except Cary, Garner, Holly Springs and Raleigh), call 919-856-6911;
  • In Cary, call 919-319-4517;
  • In Garner, call 919-772-8810;
  • In Holly Springs, call 919-557-9111; and
  • In Raleigh, call 919-831-6311.

For more information, visit our rabies page.


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