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April 16
​County Approves New Energy Guidelines for Building Construction

Wake County, Wake County Public Schools and Wake Technical Community College partner on guidelines

The Wake County Board of Commissioners took an important step recently in ensuring energy-efficient and sustainable design and construction of county and county-funded facilities in the future.

At its meeting on Monday, April 16, the board endorsed the revised 2018 Energy Design and Management Guidelines, which include energy standards for the construction of county buildings. The guidelines became effective May 1, 2018.

The updated guidelines continue a partnership with the Wake County Public School System and establish a new partnership with Wake Technical Community College. The three entities are collectively responsible for 30 million square feet of building space funded by Wake County taxpayers.

“These standards put Wake County on the cutting edge of building design and energy conservation,” said Commissioner John Burns. “It is especially important that we have the full buy-in of our partners with the school system and Wake Tech Community College. Now, taxpayers can be certain that any county construction done with their tax dollars is efficient and sustainable.”

The Wake County Board of Commissioners established the county’s first energy guidelines in 1992, and they were updated in 2005.

Wake County staff and the Wake County Energy Advisory Commission began working on the current updates in 2015.

The new guidelines:

  • Align the energy review process with the design process during project planning.
  • Validate and improve building energy efficiency performance targets.
  • Define sustainable, efficient design elements for all building types.
  • Establish a renewable energy position.
  • Develop an emerging technology evaluation process.

Next Steps
With its endorsement, the board directed the Wake County manager to incorporate the guidelines in all new design contracts and management practices. The three partnering organizations have agreed to meet annually to report their energy metrics and learn from each other’s experiences to improve the design, construction and operation process.


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