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October 10
​Wake County Accepting Proposals for Hospitality Tax Small Capital Projects Funding

Competitive process underway to select and fund projects supporting sports, arts, culture

Wake County is currently accepting proposals from organizations interested in competing for funding for capital projects that support sports, arts, culture and convention-related activities for visitors and residents.

The funding comes from the Hospitality Tax Small Capital Projects Fund. It was established in 2017 with revenues generated by the county’s room occupancy and food and beverage taxes. Wake County intends to distribute these revenues through a competitive process every two to three years. Currently, $3.5 million is available to invest.

“Supporting arts, culture and sports in our community enhances quality of life and benefits our local economy,” said Sig Hutchinson, chairman of the Wake County Board of Commissioners. “Wake County is excited to partner with other municipalities and organizations to provide more opportunities for our visitors, newcomers and long-time residents.”

Proposed projects must be for the construction, renovation, expansion or replacement of facilities with a minimum value of $100,000. The projects must be fully located in Wake County and consistent with revenue uses allowed under state law. Funding requests should be for no more than 35 percent of the total project cost and no more than $1.5 million.

Those wishing to submit a proposal were required to attend a pre-submittal meeting on Nov. 3. Proposals will be accepted through Feb. 8, 2018.

An evaluation team made up of county staff and community representatives is expected to present funding recommendations for the Board of Commissioners’ consideration in March or April 2018.

View the request for proposals and learn more about the submission process here.





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