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August 06
Wake County Wins Six Awards at National Association of Counties Annual Conference
Wake County staff were presented with six national awards during the Board of Commissioners meeting today, Monday, August 6, 2012. The awards were from the National Association of Counties’ (NACo) and Center for Digital Government, and were celebrated during the 77th Annual NACo Conference in Pittsburgh, Pa., Friday, July 13, 2012, through Tuesday, July 17, 2012.
Achievement Awards from NACo were presented for WakeBrook Behavioral Health Campus, Human Resources’ Diabetes Pilot Program, the Second Chance Housing Program, the Open Space Prioritization Model and the Human Services Academy. The Center for Digital Government awarded Wake County a 2012 Digital Counties Survey Award.
“Wake County offers residents and visitors many fantastic programs,” said Board of Commissioners Chair Paul Coble. “Being recognized by the National Association of Counties and Center for Digital Government is an honor that all of our residents should be proud of.”
WakeBrook Behavioral Health Campus
WakeBrook, which opened in November 2010, provides mental health, developmental disability and substance abuse services at prices much lower than state hospitals. By getting patients into the appropriate mental health system at WakeBrook, hospital emergency departments are able to focus their time and attention to patients with medical and trauma needs.
Human Resources’ Diabetes Pilot Program 
Wake County partnered with Diabetes Management Solutions to help county employees manage their diabetes and save on medical costs. More than 35 employees attended a series of workshops, which improved their health, and saved an estimated $1,200 per participant per year in medical costs.
Second Chance Housing Program 
The Second Chance Housing program at Brookridge Apartments provides housing to people who have a low income, bad credit, a history of evictions, criminal history or are disabled. In 2011, half of the tenants in the apartment complex were Second Chance tenants, with 65 percent reporting to have been formerly homeless.
Open Space Prioritization Model 
The Open Space Prioritization Committee successfully developed a model to evaluate open space properties based on Geographic Information Systems. The model is just one of the tools that will help prioritize the County's open space acquisitions. The County has established a goal of retaining 30 percent of the County area as open space.
Human Services Academy 
The Human Services Academy is a virtual training model for staff development that maximizes the use of current staff’s skills, talents and experience to provide training. More than 50 staff members comprise the Academy's faculty. The Academy's approach is designed to offer training opportunities and life coaching to clients, while assisting them in becoming self-sufficient. More than 100 courses are offered, with 95 percent of the staff’s evaluations for the Core required courses showed positive improvement in life styles and behaviors after completing the training.
Digital Counties Survey Award 
Wake County received the Digital Counties Survey Award for ranking in the top ten counties using information and communications technology with a population of 500,000 or more. The county was tied for 10th place with Hennepin County, Minn. in the category of. This year the survey focused on the results achieved through the use of technology in the wake of the fiscal crisis. This award marks the sixth year out of ten that Wake County has been in the top ten since the survey started in 2003.
The National Association of Counties is a full-service organization that provides legislative, research, technical and public affairs assistance to county governments. Created in 1935, NACo continues to ensure that the nation’s 3,066 counties are heard and understood in the White House and Congress.





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