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August 29
Is Your Family Ready for an Emergency?

Wake County observes National Preparedness Month

Emergencies come in many forms and can strike anywhere at any time. September is National Preparedness Month, and Wake County Emergency Management encourages families to take this time to make sure their emergency plans are ready to put into action, if the need arises. Wake County will highlight a different emergency response-related topic each week, leading up to the national PrepareAthon on Sept. 30.

Aug. 29–Sept. 3: Don't Wait—Communicate
Begin developing your emergency plan. Discuss how your family will leave your home if you must evacuate and create an emergency kit you can take with you or use if you need to stay in your home for an extended period of time due to an emergency.

Sept. 4–10: Multi-Generational Preparedness
Your family may not be together when an emergency happens. Make a communication plan and share it with family members or close friends so you know how to contact or meet each other in the case of an emergency.

Sept. 11–17: Community Preparedness
Encourage your neighbors and co-workers to understand the importance of community preparedness by getting involved with community organizations or neighborhood associations. Learn about local preparedness efforts, and celebrate first responders and organizations that serve communities in crisis.

Sept. 18–24: Individual Preparedness
The first step to preparedness is awareness. Understand what actions you can take to prepare for an emergency, and be aware of the specific needs you may have if an emergency strikes, such as medication, eye glasses or contacts, power, and pet and transportation needs. Know which television, radio, internet and other sources will provide information in an emergency.

Sept. 25–30: Put Plans into Action
Put your emergency plans into action and encourage others to get prepared. Test and evaluate your emergency plans. If you need to make any changes or improvements, share those with family and friends.

Sept. 30 is the national "PrepareAthon." Share your emergency planning efforts and pictures of your emergency kits with your Wake County neighbors on social media using #ReadyWake and #PrepareAthon.

Resources for creating, communicating and sharing emergency plans are available on ReadyWake.com. Residents can also sign up on the website to receive free messages about local emergencies and public safety concerns by phone, email or text message.





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