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July 26
Wake County Wins Top National Honors in Digital Counties Survey

Wake County has earned top national honors for excellence in using technology to provide the best services possible for its 1 million residents and countless visitors. The Center for Digital Government (CDG) and the National Association of Counties (NACo) have named Wake County the number-one digital county of its size in the country in the 14th annual Digital Counties Survey.

"We're committed to using innovation and technology-based solutions to make our services efficient and accessible to those who live, work and play in Wake County," said County Manager Jim Hartmann. "We are proud of this achievement and the staff whose skills, ideas and enthusiasm have made it easier for citizens and businesses to interact with the county."

According to the survey results, Wake County received the award for technological programs and practices that are strategically aligned with community goals, particularly in the areas of open data, governance and operations. The survey also commended "a community outreach and social media program that embodies the spirit of today's cutting-edge public-sector technology efforts."

Lauded as an open data pioneer, Wake County was recognized for its support of an open and transparent government that streamlines access to public data. In addition to the election, property, permitting and restaurant inspection data that has been available online for years, the county now provides on-demand digital access to a variety of other county data via its open data portal.

Chief Information and Innovation Officer Bill Greeves attributes much of the county's digital success to a culture of collaboration and innovation among county leadership.

"We have a strong advocacy for innovation across the organization – from our elected leaders through our county manager's office down into the departments," Greeves said. "People are willing to try new things, take calculated risks and do some experimentation – all with the drive of trying to improve the service. This is an invaluable differentiator for us."

The Digital Counties Survey, conducted by CDG and the Digital Communities program in partnership with NACo, identifies the best technology practices among U.S. counties, including initiatives that:

  • Save tax dollars through newfound efficiencies;
  • Boost transparency, cybersecurity and engagement; or
  • Innovate through unique and exciting projects.

Wake County finished in fourth place last year.

In the face of unprecedented population growth, Wake County continues to explore new technological tools and solutions in an effort to proactively address citizens' services, needs and expectations. The county's continued focus on innovation, transformation and the use of emerging technologies position it to remain on the leading edge of government technology.





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