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March 20
​​​​​​​Wake Ranked Healthiest N.C. County for Fourth Consecutive Year

County Health Rankings Report Gives County-by-County Snapshot of How Multiple Factors Influence Health

In a report released March 20, 2013, the County Health Rankings and Roadmaps program has ranked Wake as the overall healthiest county in North Carolina for the fourth consecutive year.
The program is a collaboration between the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which ranks the health of more than 3,000 counties in all 50 states.
"We are extremely proud to have been ranked the healthiest county in North Carolina for the fourth year in a row," said Wake County Human Services Director Ramon Rojano. "The County works closely with the medical community as well as partner agencies and programs to ensure that our residents have the tools they need to be healthy. The rankings serve as a score card that inspires all communities in the country to keep improving."
The ranking process examines 25 factors that influence health, including rates of childhood poverty, rates of smoking, obesity levels, teen birth rates, access to physicians and dentists, rates of high school graduation and college attendance, access to healthy foods, levels of physical inactivity and percentages of children living in single-parent households.
"The celebration of Wake County’s #1 County for Health Ranking in NC is one that must be shared by many organizations and individuals in Wake County," said Wake County Public Health Division Director Sue Lynn Ledford.
County policies, programs and funding have a direct influence on Wake County’s Health Factors. Health Factors such as individual health behaviors, public safety, education, clinical care and economic status are key measures.
"The health factors directly influence our overall population health outcomes," added Ledford. "Wake County is fortunate in the fact that we understand that improving health really is everyone's business, and that our leaders across the county recognize that policies, programs and economic factors are key to keeping Wake County healthy."
The report is published online at www.countyhealthrankings.org, and includes the ability to compare counties within states and download rankings data.
"This report is a testament to the high quality network of care that is available to Wake County residents. The credit belongs to all the workers, the providers, the institutions and, moreover, of the commitment of residents to healthy behaviors," said Rojano. "The commitment to fitness of both the chair of the Board of Commissioners, Joe Bryan, and our County Manager, David Cooke, are good examples."
For more information on how to keep Wake County moving in the right direction as a healthy community, contact the WCHS Public Health Division Office at 919-212-7000.





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