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July 19
Wake County Vehicle Fleet Recognized Nationally

The Wake County Board of Commissioners at its regular meeting Monday, July 18, applauded our Fleet Operations staff for being named one of the best in the country by 100 Best Fleets, an organization that serves as a resource for government fleet operations. Wake County came in third in the group's rankings for 2015 and has been recognized in the top 100 each year since applying in 2010, with the highest ranking of 49 out of 100 in 2014 prior to this year.

"We're proud of our Fleet Operations team for earning this national recognition," said Board of Commissioners Chairman James West. "These employees are the ones who literally keep our county moving, and we appreciate their hard work, dedication and commitment to excellence in their industry."

Fleet Operations employees are part of Wake County's General Services Administration. The group manages nearly 1,000 vehicles for an organization of approximately 4,000 employees who serve the needs of more than one million residents. The vehicles range from the ambulances that paramedics rely on to help save lives to the cars that staff uses to travel to and from inspection sites.

100 Best Fleets gave Wake County high marks for its efficiencies, use of technology, stewardship and quality of work.

To save money, Wake County's Fleet Operations staff partners with departments across the county to find ways to reduce the cost of replacing vehicles when they meet their lifecycle requirements. Some examples include reconditioning vehicles, resulting in a cost savings of at least $7,000 per vehicle; as well as remounting ambulance boxes, which saves the county 35 percent on the cost of a new ambulance.

Using technology to track vehicle operations for added safety, productivity and accountability is also a priority for Wake County Fleet Operations. With the assistance of a grant, the county has installed telematics units on more than 200 non-pursuit vehicles in the past year. As software is rolled out, this will allow staff to track the vehicle's location, driver behavior, idling and other characteristics that will provide for more efficient use of the fleet.

To help reduce waste, staff recycles cardboard, batteries, tires, oil filters, rotors and scrap metal. Wake County has 46 hybrid electric vehicles, has installed six electric vehicle charging stations at three different facilities and uses at least 110,000 gallons of BioDiesel annually.

Recognizing the importance of helping other agencies operate safe and efficient vehicle fleets, Fleet Operations staff uses Wake County's facilities to share success stories and best practices across the industry.

Wake County Fleet Operations by the Numbers:

  • Operates and maintains 947 vehicles
  • 841 are leased, 106 non-leased
  • 17 full-time employees, including nine mechanics
  • 13,599,949 miles traveled in Fiscal Year 2015

The 100 Best Fleets Program recognizes and rewards peak performing fleet operations in North America. Currently in its 16th year, 100 Best Fleets identifies and encourages ever-increasing levels of performance improvement within the fleet industry.





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