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July 18
Heroism of Wake ABC Employee Recognized by Board of Commissioners

A weekday in June could have been no different than any other day for Wake ABC Assistant Manager Justin Calcaterra; but as he was working at the Olympia Drive store in Raleigh, Calcaterra would soon go from employee to life saver.

On Tuesday, June 14, Calcaterra saved the life of Douglas Duncan, who was found in a parking lot, appearing to be unconscious on top of a pile of burning trash.

Calcaterra was honored Monday, July 18, by the Wake County Board of Commissioners at its regular meeting for his bravery and immediate action that saved Duncan's life.

"Mr. Calcaterra's heroic effort demonstrated courage, selflessness and an unwavering determination to save a life," said Board of Commissioners Chairman James West.

On the day of the fire, a man entered the store and notified Calcaterra that someone was on a pile of burning trash in the parking lot. Calcaterra, a Marine veteran, ran to Duncan's aid. He called 911, got water and fire extinguishers from the store and was able to extinguish the flames before fire and rescue personnel arrived.

"On behalf of the citizens of Wake County, we would like to recognize and commend Mr. Calcaterra for his brave and heroic actions in saving the life of a fellow citizen," said West.





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