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July 14
Rabid Raccoons Found at Lake Wheeler Road and Ten Ten Road

Wake County Animal Control was called to respond to two baby raccoons at the intersection of Lake Wheeler Road and Ten Ten Road on Tuesday, July 12. A responding wildlife officer was scratched by one of the raccoons. The raccoons tested positive for rabies on Wednesday, July 13.

The officer is following appropriate treatment protocols. There is no immediate danger to the public.

The probability of encountering animals that can transmit rabies increases during the summer. Wake County encourages pet owners to protect their pets by making sure their rabies vaccinations are up to date.

Rabies is most commonly transmitted from animal to animal, particularly through bites or scratches from wild raccoons, skunks or bats. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the rabies virus infects the central nervous system, ultimately causing disease in the brain and death. The good news is that, with prompt medical care, rabies is 100 percent preventable.

The Wake County Animal Center holds rabies clinics throughout the county, providing vaccines for only $5. Additional information, including a complete list of upcoming clinics, can be found on the Animal Center website.

"Preventing rabies and keeping pets safe goes beyond vaccination," said Wake County Public Health Division Director Dr. Sue Lynn Ledford. "While enjoying time outdoors, owners should make sure their pets are safe from wild animals. Keep pets within a fenced-in area, or make sure that they are on a leash when outdoors in an open area such as a park or hiking trail."

To report animal complaints and stray animals:

  • In Wake County (except Cary, Garner, Holly Springs and Raleigh), call 919-212-PETS (7387);
  • In Cary, call 919-319-4517;
  • In Garner, call 919-772-8896;
  • In Holly Springs, call 919-557-9111; and
  • In Raleigh, call 919-831-6311.

For more information, visit our Rabies Information page.





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