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March 17
Center Serving Southern Wake County Marks 20th Anniversary

Wake County's Southern Regional Center, which serves 90,000 visitors each year, celebrated its 20th anniversary on Thursday, March 17.

"We are excited to mark two decades of commitment and service to the citizens of Fuquay-Varina, Holly Springs and Garner," said Richard Hayner, director of the Wake County Southern Regional Center. "We strive to make an impact on our local community by providing child, youth, family and economic assistance to those who need it. The most rewarding part of our jobs is witnessing the positive impacts we make on those we serve."

The Southern Regional Center (SRC) was created in 1996 to bring county services to clients in their own communities, making these services more accessible and convenient. In one visit, a client can see a doctor in the clinic, pay taxes, find job training resources and learn about financial assistance to obtain prescribed medications.

Cathy Sauls has worked at the center since it opened its doors. A senior social worker in the Pregnancy Care Management Program, Sauls has spent the past 20 years helping expectant mothers get the prenatal care they need to raise happy and healthy babies.

"I've served hundreds of pregnant women over the years, and it's been a pleasure to know I played a role in the positive development of their children," said Sauls.

She sees firsthand the benefits residents experience by having the center located in southern Wake County.

"Many of our clients rely on family and friends living nearby to drive them to our center to access services," said Sauls. "They would have a more difficult time finding someone willing to bring them into Raleigh, so the close proximity of this facility to their homes makes a big difference."

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