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January 23
Below Freezing Temperatures Prolong Aftermath of Winter Storm

Citizens are encouraged to stay off roads, use caution around fallen objects

Temperatures are continuing to drop tonight, which will cause snow and ice that has melted over the course of the day to refreeze. However, they are expected to rise above the freezing mark by Sunday afternoon. This could result in additional problems such as falling trees and downed power lines, as well as icy surfaces throughout the night and tomorrow morning.

Currently, there are just over 32,000 residents across Wake County that are still experiencing power outages. The number of reported outages has decreased, however this number could rise following tonight’s refreeze.

Sanderson High School, located at 5500 Dixon Drive in Raleigh, continues to operate as a shelter for those without power who are in need of a warm place to stay. At the time of release, there were 44 people seeking shelter. It will remain open through the night.

At this time, the Wake County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) will remain at activation level three. This means that the EOC is staffed on a continual basis and equipment and personnel are responding as needed. Residents can call 919-856-7044 for non-emergency purposes. In the event of an emergency, call 9-1-1. For an update on road conditions, call 5-1-1.

Residents are encouraged to take precautions and heed the following safety tips until conditions improve:

  • Never touch any fallen wire. Consider every wire on the ground to be energized and dangerous. Do not attempt to cut or remove a tree that is, or could become, entangled with power lines. In the event of a downed power line, or to report an outage, contact Duke Energy at 1-800-769-3766;
  • Avoid driving on the roads unless you absolutely have to. They are expected to refreeze tonight and remain slick until temperatures rise above freezing on Sunday afternoon.
  • Do not consume, refrigerate or refreeze perishable food items that have become warm after four or more hours without power.  When in doubt, toss it out;
  • When using generators, maintain proper ventilation. Do not try to refuel a running or “hot” generator;

  • Use proper safety practices and procedures when operating yard equipment. If using a chainsaw or other heavy machinery, wear goggles and additional safety equipment as appropriate; and

  • Use caution while outdoors around ice-covered trees. Pieces of ice or limbs could fall, causing serious injury.

People interested in receiving the latest updates on emergencies in Wake County can follow @ReadyWake and @WakeGOV on Twitter. For more information about staying safe during severe weather before, during and after storms, visit ReadyWake! at www.wakegov.com/readywake.





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