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January 23
Wake County Winter Weather Response Update: Sat., 11:25 a.m.

More than 80,000 Wake County residents are without power this morning as the winter storm continues to impact the area. More snow and freezing rain is predicted to fall today, adding to the ice already accumulating on local roadways, which is causing dangerous driving conditions.

Wake County continues to operate a shelter at Sanderson High School in Raleigh, offering those without power a warm place to stay. Currently, nine people are there, with more expected to come throughout the day today. The shelter is located at 5500 Dixon Drive. It will remain open as conditions and demand dictate.

The impacts of the winter storm have triggered the following closures today:

  • All of Human Services' client-based services (Social Services, Public Health, health clinics and housing support);
  • The South Wake Landfill, East Wake Transfer Station, and Multi-material and Household Hazardous Waste facilities. The convenience centers will open from noon to 5 p.m. only or until the sites reach capacity;
  • All Wake County public libraries;
  • All Wake County parks; and
  • The Wake County Animal Center.

Ice has coated trees countywide, weighting down limbs and causing them to fall onto the roadways. The county is working with its partners to remove the debris.

The ice has also caused several power lines to snap and fall onto the roads below them. Local law enforcement agencies are working to place orange cones and caution tape in these areas to protect motorists until power crews arrive to repair them.

With temperatures not forecasted to rise above freezing until Sunday afternoon, Wake County urges citizens to heed the following safety tips until conditions improve:

  • Never use charcoal to heat your home if you lose power. The fumes can be toxic;
  • Maintain proper ventilation when using generators. These machines give off harmful fumes that are very dangerous if inhaled. Do not try to refuel a running or “hot” generator;
  • Do not consume, refrigerate or refreeze perishable food items that have become warm after four hours without power.  If in doubt, toss it out;
  • Stay away from all downed power lines. Only utility workers can tell if a line is still active or if electricity has been turned off;
  • Use proper safety practices and procedures when operating yard equipment. If using a chainsaw or other heavy machinery, be sure to wear goggles and additional safety equipment as appropriate;
  • Use caution while outdoors around ice-covered trees. Pieces of ice or limbs could fall, causing serious injury; and
  • Avoid driving on the roads unless you have to. They are slick from the snow, sleet and freezing rain, and the melting process is not predicted to begin until later tomorrow while temperatures rise above freezing.

At this time, the Wake County Emergency Operations Center will remain at activation level three. This means that the EOC is staffed on a continual basis, and equipment and personnel are responding as needed. Staff is available at 919-856-7044 to handle non-emergency calls. In an emergency, call 9-1-1.

People interested in receiving the latest updates on emergencies in Wake County can sign up to receive ReadyWake! Tweets at www.Twitter.com/ReadyWake. For information on staying safe during severe weather and how to stay safe after storms, visit ReadyWake at www.wakegov.com/readywake.





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