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June 19
Change Coming to Athens Drive High School Library

The Wake County Public School System and Wake County have jointly agreed to end public library service at Athens Drive High School in Raleigh in July. This move stems primarily from security challenges faced by both the county and the school system.

When the county first entered into an agreement with the school system in the early 1980s to create this unique hybrid library model, safety issues were vastly different than they are today.

Offering public library services in the center of a public school building poses a challenge to the school's mission of maintaining campus safety during the instructional day. Restricting access to public library service poses a challenge to the library system's mission of welcoming all citizens to its facilities, regardless of the time of day.

These challenges ultimately led the county and school system to decide the Athens Drive High School library should be used as a school media center only. It will remain open to students, staff and their guests during school hours when the new school year begins in August.

The last day of public library access at Athens Drive High School will be July 25, 2015. The following day, the county will begin shifting its public library services to nearby full-service libraries such as Cary, Cameron Village and Eva Perry. Library data show about 75 percent of library cardholders who live within 10 minutes of Athens Drive High School are already visiting these three full-service libraries.





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