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April 20
Farm Given Designation as Board Recognizes Historic Preservation Month

Robertson-O'Briant farmhouseThe Board of Commissioners proclaimed May as National Historic Preservation Month in Wake County and approved a historic landmark designation to Robertson-O'Briant farm. Both happened during the regularly scheduled Board meeting April 20, 2015.

The farm is located in the northwestern corner of Wake County and played a vital role in the founding and growth of the Sandy Plain community. The Robertson-O'Briant farmhouse was built in two phases: a simple hall and parlor plan structure constructed around 1844 and an elegant Victorian addition around 1900.

"This designation acknowledges the farm's legacy and will help to preserve this area for generations to come," said Chris Snow, Director of Wake County Parks, Recreation and Open Space. "Although there are no current plans for this property, we are excited to know that it is preserved."

National Historic Preservation Month is an annual nationwide observance celebrating the nation's diverse and irreplaceable heritage.

"We appreciate the Commissioners making this declaration and hope that it will help to increase awareness of Wake County's rich architectural history and heritage," said Gary Roth, President of Capital Area Preservation.

Visit the Wake County Historic Preservation Program's website to learn more.

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