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August 18
Board Recognizes Recent Award Winners
During its regular meeting Monday, August 18, 2014, the Wake County Board of Commissioners recognized employees who won 20 recent national awards, including 12 Achievement Awards from the National Association of Counties (NACo). Achievement Awards recognize innovative county programs.

Community Services

  • NACo Achievement Award: Repositioning Youth Services Programming
    Wake Libraries transformed programs for young (ages 0–5) and school-age children (grades K–5) to more clearly define and elevate the library experience for these groups.
  • Library Leadership Administration and Management Association's Public Relations and Marketing Section Best of Show Award
    Library staff designed flyers and brochures and created press releases and social media posts for the America's Music film and music lecture series at North Regional Library.
  • National Association of County Information Officers Awards of Excellence – Superior Video Series and
    Library Leadership Administration and Management Association's Public Relations and Marketing Section Best of Show Award
    In September 2013, one year after Wake Libraries introduced Every Child Ready to Read, a series of animated videos – Click, Watch, Learn: Storytimes Online – was created to illustrate the concepts online.

Environmental Services

  • NACo Achievement Award: Gas to Energy Project Promotes Healthy Capital County Initiative
    The County developed a landfill gas-to-energy project at South Wake Landfill, with an electrical generation facility (power plant) that averaged over 3 MW with a 99 percent runtime in 2014.
  • NACo Achievement Award: Significant Expansion of Wake County's HHW Program at Reduced Cost and More Material Collection
    The County expanded the Household Hazardous Waste program and was able to increase the collection frequency significantly, increase the volume of materials collected and significantly reduce the costs per customer.
  • NACo Achievement Award: Contaminated Groundwater Initiative
    In 2013, the County initiated a program consisting of outreach, testing and technical services to proactively address the consumption of contaminated groundwater from private wells.
  • NACo Achievement Award: Environmental Services Fiscal Accountability and Productivity Model
    Environmental Services has integrated fiscal accountability into the department. The team is implementing strategies to solve key problems that slow down productivity with the result of delivering services more quickly.
  • NACo Achievement Award: A Model for Reducing Euthanasia in an Open Intake Shelter
    The Animal Center has decreased its euthanasia rate from 50.8 percent in FY12 to 35.6 percent in FY14 (as of March 31, 2014) and increased the live release rate of animals.
  • National Association of County Information Officers: Awards of Excellence – Best in Class for Photography
    Animal Center volunteer and photographer Shannon Johnstone regularly takes dogs from the center to be photographed in a natural environment – at North Wake Landfill District Park – as a way to promote adoptions.


NACo Achievement Award: Digital Signage
The digital sign system in the Justice Center provides an integrated and unique solution of providing wayfinding information and corporate messaging to the general public and employees.

Human Resources

NACo Achievement Award: Building Organizational Supervisory Success (B.O.S.S.)
Wake Human Resources initiated its B.O.S.S. (Building Organizational Supervisory Success) employee training program in fiscal year 2012 to better meet the needs of County staff. It costs significantly less than the previous solution.

Human Services

  • NACo Achievement Award: Club CHOICE Plus – A Practical Tool for Building Human Capital in Wake County
    Club CHOICE Plus, an eight-week series of exercise and health education classes for English- and Spanish-speaking women and their children, engages families in the promotion of wellness and healthy lifestyles.
  • NACo Achievement Award: Combined Public Health and Hospital Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) Process
    In September 2012, Wake County Human Services initiated a shared community health assessment process that had substantial savings compared to the previous assessment, and the time for the process was reduced from 18 months to six months.
  • NACo Achievement Award: Information Network for Ongoing Resource Management (INFORM)
    The Information Network for Ongoing Resource Management (INFORM) is a system that provides actionable information for decision making.
  • NACo Achievement Award: The Wake County Human Services Strategic Planning Process
    In March 2012 a Human Services Strategic Planning Team (SPT) was established to improve department operations and better serve customers.

Information Services

  • Center for Digital Government: Digital Counties Survey Award
    The Digital Counties Survey ranks counties based on their use of technology throughout the organization and the community as a whole. Wake County ranked 8th among the largest counties, 500,000 or more population, for the second year in a row.
  • National Association of County Information Officers Awards of Excellence – Superior Special Projects
    Wake partnered with online guide Yelp to provide access to restaurant sanitation inspection scores daily so users of Yelp automatically see a restaurant's inspection score next to its customer reviews.

Public Affairs Office

  • NACo Achievement Award: #WakeIsGreat Instagram Contest
    As a part of the launch of Wake County's Instagram account in 2013, employees and the public were asked to submit photos of what makes Wake County great by using the hashtag #WakeIsGreat.
  • National Association of County Information Officers Awards of Excellence: Best Twitter Feed
    Wake County's main Twitter account @WakeGOV, which now has more than 10,000 followers, has gone from a tool for providing news to one where the County interacts with residents.

See a more detailed description of the projects and view a video of the presentation.





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