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June 26
South Wake Landfill Generates Renewable Energy
landfillweb1.jpgThe Wake County Board Commissioners (BOC) toured the South Wake Landfill Gas-to-Energy Facility during its open house Thursday, June 26, 2014. This Gas Collection and Control System opened in September 2013 to create energy to power homes and industry services.

The methane gas produced by biodegradable materials in the landfill is collected and moved to INGENCO who then converts it into electrical power. This power is sold to Duke Energy with Wake County receiving 22 percent of the gross revenues.

"With INGENCO, the County is able to destroy potentially harmful gases and prevent odors, while also generating a renewable energy source," said Wake County Solid Waste Management Director John Roberson. "This reduces power requirements for Duke Energy and provides revenue to the County Landfills can be perceived negatively, but our ability to turn South Wake Landfill into something positive is what makes us excited about this Gas-to-Energy project."

landfillweb2.jpgSouth Wake Landfill opened in February 2008 and is operated by Wake County and Waste Industries. Wake County has an interlocal agreement with the municipalities in which they agree to direct their solid waste to the South Wake Landfill in return for a rebate each year based on landfill usage.

The County selected INGENCO as its landfill gas developer through a competitive process in December 2010. Facility construction started in December 2012 and the facility was in operation in September 2013.

INGENCO is a rapidly growing pioneer in the green energy field of landfill gas electricity generation. With nearly 20 sites, INGENCO currently operates the largest landfill gas electricity generation portfolio on the East Coast.





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