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February 14
Mitigation Plan to Include County and Municipalities
Wake County Planning and Emergency Management are collaborating with all 12 municipalities on a multi-jurisdictional hazard mitigation plan that will help the County become more resilient after natural hazards and disasters. This will be the first joint mitigation plan for the County.

The purpose of the plan is to develop hazard mitigation strategies and a schedule for the implementation of those strategies. Updating the current plan to a multi-jurisdictional plan will take approximately one year.

A key element is engaging the public through surveys and stakeholder groups. The public can access the survey on this website or the Wake County Hazard Plan Wikispace, a platform for information and data sharing, at wakecountyhazardplan.wikispaces.com.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) must approve the hazard mitigation plan in order for the County to remain eligible for Hazard Mitigation Grant Program funds following a federally declared disaster. A plan is also required to be eligible for grant funds through FEMA's Pre-Disaster Mitigation, Severe Repetitive Loss, Repetitive Flood Claim and Flood Mitigation Assistance programs, as well as for Public Assistance for state-declared disasters.

View Wake County's current plan.





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