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February 13
Wake EMS Thanks Residents Who Helped in Snow

Wake County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) would like to offer its thanks to the more than 20 community members who assisted a neighbor having a medical emergency on Wednesday, February 12.

EMS was transporting a patient who had suffered cardiac arrest in the street during the snow storm. As EMS workers moved through Van Dyke Avenue, off Hillsborough Street in Raleigh, the ambulance was not able to quickly climb the steep hill due to the rapid accumulation while on scene. 

Supervisors with 4-wheel drive response units were called to the scene to transfer the patient to the hospital. That’s when approximately 30 citizens jumped into action by assisting EMS staff to physically carry the patient to the top of the hill to meet the waiting EMS vehicle.

Not only did the same citizens assist in carrying the patient to the waiting vehicle, but they also assisted EMS in transferring EMS equipment from the relief vehicle to ensure there was adequate space for the safe transport of the patient.

“Wake County EMS would like to offer our sincerest thank you to those that helped us on Van Dyke, and all over Wake County through the storm,” said Jeffrey Hammerstein, District Chief with Wake County EMS.

“We often hear words of thanks from residents for being out working during severe weather, but we truly could not do our jobs without the support of those around us in the community.”

As paramedics proceeded to Rex Hospital with the resuscitated victim, those same citizens worked together with shovels and kitty litter to help free the ambulance and get them on their way.

EMS officials are aware that someone may have recorded video of the rescue and would like to obtain a copy, so that they may be able to identify those who unselfishly assisted paramedics.





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