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January 09
Capital Quilters Guild Raises Funds for Oak View's Tenant House
The Capital Quilters Guild (CQG) has helped raise $6,095 for Historic Oak View County Park's Tenant House Restoration Project. Together with Oak View's other fundraising efforts for the project, the total amount raised reaches almost $50,000.

In 2013, the Capital Quilters Guild chose Oak View as their Charity Partner to assist in fundraising for the restoration project. As part of this partnership, CQG agreed to donate a portion of their proceeds from the Heritage Day Quilt Auction and Boutique Sales, as well as donating a quilt entered into a raffle. CQG also aided fundraising efforts through volunteering at events, making individual donations and helping to spread public awareness about the project.

"For the past year we have been fundraising in order to see this Tenant House restoration come to life," said Assistant Park Manager Sara Drumheller. "The Quilters Guild has helped us move this project forward, and we appreciate all their support and generosity."

The money raised will fund the continuing restoration of the late 19th-century Tenant House, recently moved to Historic Oak View County Park. Once complete, the Tenant House will interpret the often neglected history of emancipated African-Americans and tenant laborers in the South. This will offer a more complete picture of farm life in North Carolina at the turn of the 20th century.

View more information on the Tenant House Restoration Project.





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