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October 21
​Wake County Urges Residents to 'Take Your Shot' against the Flu

With so much attention focused on COVID-19, Wake County doesn’t want residents to forget about another respiratory virus that spreads easily this time of year – the flu. That’s why the Public Health Division launched a new awareness campaign October 21 to remind residents that now is the right time to “take your shot” against the flu.

“It’s important that everyone get vaccinated against influenza – especially now,” said Dr. Nicole Mushonga, Wake County’s associate medical director and Epidemiology Program director. “If you get your flu shot by the end of October, you can maximize your protection against the virus well into next spring.”

In addition to protecting yourself and your loved ones from contracting the virus, getting a flu shot will also help safeguard our local healthcare system. Doctors’ offices and hospitals are currently battling two powerful respiratory viruses – the flu and COVID-19. If positive cases of both soar, the medical community could become overwhelmed – a scenario no one wants to see happen.

Where to Get Vaccinated
Wake County Public Health is making it easy for residents get vaccinated this year. Staff are holding walk-in flu shot clinics at the Sunnybrook facility located at 10 Sunnybrook Rd. in Raleigh. The clinics are scheduled for Oct. 28 and Nov. 4 and 18 from 1–5 p.m.

The cost for the vaccine is $30, but for pregnant women who are uninsured or children under age 19 who meet certain criteria, the flu shot is free.

Who Should Get a Flu Shot?
Wake County Public Health encourages everyone to get vaccinated against the flu – especially children ages 5 and younger, and adults 65 and older, because they’re at greater risk of becoming seriously ill from flu.

They also advise that frontline workers, caregivers, first responders and people with underlying health conditions get a flu shot.

Having a Healthier Holiday Season
As the temperature starts to drop, people begin spending more time together indoors, making it much easier to share germs and catch viruses like the flu. With Halloween and Thanksgiving approaching, getting vaccinated is one of the best ways you can avoid contracting the flu and sharing it with others.

Other tips include:

  • Washing your hands frequently with soap and water;
  • Wearing a mask;
  • Wiping down high-touch surfaces with antibacterial cleaners; and
  • Coughing into your elbow and not your hands.

For more information about how you can “take your shot” against the flu, visit wakegov.com/takeyourshot.


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