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September 10
Wake County Historic Maps Rescued, Restored and Preserved by the Register of Deeds

Thursday, September 10, 2020
For Immediate Release

Contact: Luther Snyder, Deputy Director
O. 919-856-5462 M. 919-369-7045


Wake County Historic Maps Rescued, Restored and
Preserved by the Register of Deeds

Now Accessible by the Public On-line at the Register of Deeds

Raleigh, NC – Last year Register of Deeds Charles Gilliam initiated a project to rescue, restore, protect and make accessible to the public historic maps recorded from the late 1800s into 1926. These maps have been seen by only a few since they were put away years ago.

Maps were professionally cleaned, flattened, mended, de-acidified and encapsulated in polyester sleeves. Old tape and adhesives were removed. Some of the items were in very poor condition and in danger of being lost to decay. They are now safe and available to the public.

Charles P. Gilliam, the Register of Deeds of Wake County stated:

“These historic maps show the history of the development of Wake County.

They include early subdivisions, businesses and farms and often contain features of historical interest.

The map bearing the oldest date, 1877, is of the Apex Graveyard which includes names of original plot owners.

The map with the lowest recording number (Book 1885 page 1) is the lands of the North Carolina Insane Asylum.


The largest map was 25 feet long and plots the Yadkin River Power Company transmission line from Anson County to Wake County in 1911.

For railroad aficionados, many maps show the development of the area railroad system, such as a 1912 map of the new railroad cutting through Boylan Heights in Raleigh.

An example of an early subdivision is a 1920 map of Hayes-Barton in Raleigh.

The restored original paper documents are safely stored in our office. Due to COVID-19, the plan to make the paper originals available for public view must be postponed. At this point they are available on-line. We will have an event in 2021 to introduce the preserved originals in their permanent location in the Register of Deeds Information Room.”

Also preserved and included in the collection are the original recording artifacts, for example this 1926 probate certification from the office of Vitruvius Royster, Clerk of Superior Court.

The Register of Deeds office has created a special page where these historic original maps and the other records can be browsed on-line.

Because all the maps were originally recorded by the Register of Deeds in 1926 and before, they are official legal land records which, effective today, are also available on-line through the land records index. They can be found when searching in the usual manner at the Register of Deeds consolidated real property index.


Select maps of Interest sorted by Wake County municipality

Following are links to selected items which provide a representative flavor of the historical maps. They are sorted according to the land’s proximity to municipalities. 

Wake County generally

Our largest map is 25 feet long. Yadkin River Power Company transmission line from the Pee Dee River in Anson County to near Method Station in Wake County. 1911.

Map of the J. C. Marcom Land in Houses Creek Township Wake County, N.C. (Forestry and agriculture map showing cultivation and status of growth. Approximately 375 acres.) 1905.

Wiley Glenn’s Lands. (561 acres on the Neuse River.) 1904.

Map of Mrs. M. H. Paces’ Property near Neuse, N.C. Sold by the American Realty & Auction Co. through the Raleigh Real Estate Trust Co. 1908.

Map of Leesville Township. 1914.



Apex Graveyard. (Includes names of original plot holders.) 1877, recorded 1897.


Map of Land Sold to Apex Land and Improvement Co. by J. A. Norris. (Chatham Street and the Seaboard Air Line area.)1906.

“Fairview” Property of the Apex Land and Improvements Co. to be sold by the American Realty and Auction Co. (South of Chatham Street, west of the Seaboard Air Line RR). Undated, probably 1906.

Seaboard Airline Railway Proposed Joint Facilities at Apex, N.C. with Durham & Southern R.R. 1906.

Map of Property Situated at Apex, N.C. the Owners Allen Bros. Ellington & Olive. (Salem, West and Harward Streets.) 1910.

Apex Corporate Limits in 1911. (The town limits is a square 2,690 feet along each of the four points of the compass from a spike in the center main line of the Seaboard Air Line Railway.)

Map of the Rogers Estate Situated South of Apex, N.C. (Lovers Lane, James Street, the Durham and Southern R.R. and Apex’ Graded School.) 1914.

Apex Heights Apex N.C. Developed and for Sale by O. M. Dodson. (Elizabeth Street area.) 1912.



A.S. Sears Land, Near Carpenter, N.C. 1922.



Map of Property Situated at Cary, N.C. the Owners The Suburban Realty & Auction Co. (Lots bounded by Academy, Adams, Harrison and N. Boundary Streets.) 1910.

Map C. L. Duke Farm 4 Mi. North of Cary, N.C. Sold by Atlantic Coast Realty Greenville, N.C. (The area of New Cary Road, Crabtree Creek and Haley Branch.) 1913.

Page Park Owned by Cary Realty Co. Inc. Cary, N.C. (Page Street and Harrison Avenue.) 1925.


Fuquay Springs

Map of The Fuquay Land Co. Fuquay Springs N.C. (Fuquay Avenue and Mineral Spring Road, showing location of mineral spring.) 1908.

“Spring Heights” of Dr. J. A. Sexton Land Fuquay N.C. (Academy, Depot and West Streets.) 1916.

Map of S. Fuquay Lands lying and being in East Fuquay Springs. 1922.

The J. D. Ballentine Estate Fuquay Springs, N.C. 1923.


Map of Property Situated at Garner, N.C. Owner Frank Allen Raleigh, N.C. (Rail Road, Rand and Bagwell Streets.) 1910.

Map of “Spring Side” Situated at Garner, N.C. the Owners Allen Bros & McPherson. (Barwell and Rand Mill Roads.) 1910.


Holly Springs

Map of Properties Situated at Holly Springs, Wake County, N.C. (First and Fourth Avenues, First and Third Streets and the Durham & Southern RR. Showing structures.) Undated.

Holly Heights. (Utley Street area in Holly Springs.) 1912.

Map of GB Alford Company Land Holly Springs N.C. 1916.

Map of Collins and Arpe Property Holly Springs N.C. 1915.

Plot of Holly Springs Cemetery, Holly Springs, N.C. 1920.



Map of Knightdale. (Original recorded map of the Town of Knightdale.) 1905.


Addition to Knightdale Wake County N.C. (First and Third Avenues, Tarboro Road, Oakwood Street. Shows Knightdale Academy [sic].) 1911.

Map Showing Division of Midway Plantation. (On Tarboro Road. Showing Milburnie Fishing Club Pond, Neuseoca Fishing Club Pond and Hinton’s Pond.) 1921.



Subdivision of S.R. Horne’s Property Morrisville, N.C. by Atlantic Coast Realty Co. (Raleigh and Hillsboro Road, Pittsboro Road and Crabtree Creek.) 1913.


Map of the lands of the NC Insane Asylum. Recorded 1885.

Map of the Property of Caraleigh Mills. (Park, Maywood, Summit and Prospect Streets. Shows Caraleigh Mill, Maywood Dairy, city water works pump house and filter house, Caraleigh phosphate and fertilizer works, Richmond & Danville Railroad, Walnut Creek granite quarries, Postal Telegraph Co.’s lines.) Undated.

Raleigh Charlotte & Southern Ry Map Showing Right of Way to be Acquired by the Raleigh Charlotte & Southern Ry. Through Boylan Heights, Raleigh, N.C. (Boylan Heights and Central Prison area prior to the current railroad line. Shows former streets and former street names. Also shows track elevations.) 1912.

Hayes-Barton Raleigh N.C. (Full subdivision on one map.) 1920.

Survey of Raleigh Road District. (Showing roads and rail lines in relation to the Capitol.) 1897.

Old Fair Grounds. (Displaying names and price information.) Recorded 1893.

Watson’s Addition to the City of Raleigh. Recorded 1895.

Rock Quarry Part of Watson Land. (Walnut Creek area. Shows the rock quarry and former roads.) Recorded 1897.

Map of the Lands of the North Carolina Agricultural Society Lying South of the Fairgrounds and North and East of the Seaboard Air Line Railroad. (One of the several colorized maps.) 1898.

Map of Robert Perry’s Plat. (Tarboro Road and Yellow Branch.) 1902.

Mrs. Agnes Stancil’s Land St. Mary’s Township. 1905.

Brooklyn Hill Sub-Division. (Devereux and Peace Streets area.) 1905.

“Idlewild” “The Sewell Grove” Addition to the City of Raleigh. (Oakwood Avenue on the north to New Bern Avenue on the south.) 1906.

South Park. (South Park subdivision, Raleigh, showing existing structures.) 1906.


“White Heights” Map of Hightower and Fort’s Property Near Caraleigh Mills. (Showing Walnut Creek Swamp.) 1908.

Map of Quarry Hill. (Quarry Road and Walnut Creek, showing the quarry.) 1909.

Revised Plat of Oakdale Situated in the City of Raleigh, N.C. the Owners The Suburban Realty & Auction Co. The Columbia Realty & Auction Co. & Allen Bros. (Shows existing structures.) 1910.

Map of Cameron-Park. (At the time mostly outside the city limits.) 1910.

Map of Mordecai Place Raleigh, N.C. (Today’s Mimosa Street was then called Walnut Street.) 1913.

Mordecai Place Map Showing Part of Subdivision. (Blount, Person, Hinton, Mordecai Streets. An opportunity to explore name and layout changes to the present day.) 1922.

Country-Club Villa Estates. 1911.

Map of Bloomsbury Property of Jas. A. Pou Raleigh N.C. (Subdivision north and south of Glenwood Avenue with the Electric Car Line running down the center. Bounded on the south by Fair-View Road and on the north by White Oak Forest subdivision.) 1914.

Map of “Sunrise Farms” Situated Near Raleigh, N.C. the Property of John A. Boone. (Bounded by Raleigh and Wilson Public Road, Oakhurst Dairy Farm, Walnut Creek and Gattis Estate. Shows forestry and cultivation features.) 1917.

Map of Dillon Supply Co. Property Raleigh, N.C. (West Morgan Street.) 1919.

“Liberty Height” A Deck (52) of Beautiful Building Lots Just Beyond the New 1920 City Limits Five Minutes from the Car Line. (Located south of Hillsboro Road which is described as an 18’ concrete macadam highway. Map shows State College Campus and St. Mary’s School.) 1920.

Map of Raleigh Hebrew Cemetery. (State Street, north of St. Augustine.) 1924.

Washington Terrace Raleigh, N.C. Property of Drs. W.C. & S.R. Horton. (Just east of St. Augustine.) 1922.

Meredith College Block Raleigh, N.C. (Bounded by Jones, Person, Edenton and Blount Streets. Showing location of dormitories and other structures.) 1925.



S.H. Scarboro Property Rolesville, N.C. (Harry Tucker). 1924.



Plat of Lots Sold by J. A. Cook at Varina N.C. (Ennis, Raleigh, Johnson and Fuquay Streets.) 1912.

Subdivision Sexton Addition to Varina, N.C. (Durham, Wake Chapel and Fayetteville Streets, with Union Depot and location of existing structures.) 1914.

Norfolk Southern R.R. Property for Proposed Water Supply Near Varina, N.C. (This was in the day of steam engines. Water was needed along the line.) 1916.



Wakefield the Property of Ivan M. Proctor, Esq. 1880.


Wake Forest

Brook View Wake Forest N.C. (White and Wait Streets area of the Town of Wake Forest. Showing Drug store, hotel, Wilkinson’s store and Seaboard Air Line freight depot.) 1908.

Map of Town Lots Wake Forest, N.C. (Showing names of owners and purchase information.) Original map date unknown, recorded in 1909.

Map of Properties Situated at Wake Forest, N.C. owners I.T. Holding, H.S. Holding. 1909.

The Dr. W. G. Simmons Land Lying Partly in and Partly Outside of The Town of Wake Forest, N.C. Surveyed and Mapped for the Heirs. 1924.


Plat of Wendell. (Original Town of Wendell bounded by Magnolia, Wilson and Oakwood Avenues and First Street.) 1906.

Map of Wendell Heights Wendell N.C. To be sold at Public Auction Nov. 27th 1908 by American Realty and Auction Co. 1908.


Willow Spring

Map of Rowland Farms Willow Springs, N.C. 1915.



Zebulon. (Original map of the Town of Zebulon.) 1906.


Map of Wakelon, Lying partly in and north of the town of Zebulon, N.C., And between the towns of Zebulon and Wakefield. (Also showing Wakelon High School.) 1907.

(A revised) Map of Wakelon. (The layout of the lots changed.) 1910.

Zebulon Place Property of Raleigh Real Estate Trust Co. and Geo. E. Gill Zebulon, N.C. 1908.


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