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August 05
Wake Wins Seven National Awards
Wake County staff were recognized for seven national awards during the Board of Commissioners meeting Monday, August 5, 2013. The awards were from the National Association of Counties (NACo), National Association of County Information Officers (NACIO) and the Center for Digital Government and were celebrated during the annual NACo Conference, held last month in Fort Worth, Texas.

The Wake County website WakeGOV.com received a NACo Achievement Award and was named Best in Show by NACIO. Other NACo Achievement Awards went to the Environmental Asthma Trigger Home Assessment Program, Human Services Quality Management Program, Human Services School Health Acuity 2 Business Model and the Farmers Market/EBT Project. The Center for Digital Government awarded Wake County with a 2013 Digital Counties Survey Award.

"These awards show that Wake County is a national leader," said Board of Commissioners Vice Chair Phil Matthews. "Residents should be proud of such high-quality programs and initiatives ranking in the upper echelons of more than 3,000 counties nationwide."

Wake County Website
Wake County launched a new public website on October 1, 2012. More than just a fresh look, the County's new website is an innovative approach, in that the main page has a strong central focus on search, rather than trying to provide dozens of direct links from the homepage. The new site project was completed in nine months with Wake County staff and used no external resources or contractors.

Environmental Asthma Trigger Home Assessment Program
The Wake County Environmental Health & Safety Division, in partnership with Community Care of Wake and Johnston Counties (CCWJC), has implemented a program to reduce asthma events in children through home assessment visits that identify environmental asthma triggers. The improved outcomes consist of a reduction in the numbers of environmental asthma triggers caused by family behaviors and by landlord/facility issues, a reduction in patient/client medical costs and hospital emergency visits and an increase in the proper use of asthma medications and devices by client families.

Human Services Quality Management Program
The Quality Management program was created in 2009 as one of the strategies to assist the Wake Human Services consolidated agency ensure and improve quality. This work helped develop protocols for a better integration of the former public health, social services, housing and behavioral health departments and helped attain Public Heath accreditation in 2011.

Human Services School Health Acuity 2 Business Model
The School Health Acuity 2 Business Model was initiated in 2011 as one of the department strategies to track shared outcomes of student health and educational success. This work has provided practical tools for prioritization and more effective management of school nursing resources. This model closely aligns with the shared goals of Wake County and the Wake County Public School System.

The Farmers Market/EBT Project
The Farmers Markets/EBT Project was created as one of Wake Human Services' strategies to respond to the increase of obesity in the County. The idea was conceived as a strategy to increase the use of Food and Nutrition Services resources to purchase healthy foods. This program enlists farmers' markets to accept EBT cards, which is an electronic system that replaced paper food stamp coupons with a magnetic stripe card (similar to a credit or bank card).

Digital Counties Survey Award
The Digital Counties Survey, conducted by the Center for Digital Government, ranks counties based on their use of technology throughout the organization and the community as a whole. The annual survey is open to all U.S. counties. Top-ranked counties receive the Digital Counties Survey award and were honored at a reception during NACo's annual conference last month. Wake County ranked 8th in the 500,000 or more population category this year, up from tied for 10th place last year.





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