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April 24
NOTICE: Relief for County-Funded Borrowers Impacted by COVID-19
​Wake County is offering temporary loan forbearance on Wake County Housing loans to homeowners and multifamily property owners who have been impacted by COVID-19. Eligible borrowers must submit an application to hcr.projectinformation@wakegov.com certifying their need for forbearance. Eligible borrowers are:
  1. Current on their Wake County loan; and
  2. Unable to make their full debt service payments as a direct result of COVID-19
    1. NOTE: Forbearance for reasons not related to COVID-19 will not be granted.

Please find the application here, which describes the materials that must be submitted to demonstrate need. Interested parties should note the following:

  • Approved borrowers will be granted forbearance for 90 days, with the potential to renew for an additional 90 days at Wake County HACR’s discretion.
  • During the deferment period, late fees will be waived, and credit reporting will be suppressed. Interest shall continue to accumulate on the outstanding principal at the rates set forth in your original loan documents.
  • Approved borrowers capable of making payments below their typical debt service payments will be required to do so during the forbearance period.
  • Forbearance is not forgiveness. Approved borrowers will still be responsible for making all principal and interest payments within their loan term.
  • This relief program affects no other service, program or loan provided by Wake County.

Direct any questions to hcr.projectinformation@wakegov.com.

COVID-19 Loan Relief Application


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