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January 10
Pet Adoptions Top Records in 2019 at Wake County Animal Center

Adoptions surged more than 11% as need increased

Animal lovers opened their hearts and homes to a record number of rescues from the Wake County Animal Center in 2019.

A total of 4,288 pets left the shelter for forever homes last year. That’s a surge of 426, or 11%, compared to 2018. The outpouring of compassion came in response to an ever-growing need, as the shelter took in 11,261 animals in 2019.

“The community really stepped up to support the shelter in 2019,” Dr. Jennifer Federico, director of the Wake County Animal Center. “We have so many generous and sympathetic animal lovers in Wake County, and we couldn’t do it without their help.”

The shelter’s partners also answered the call in 2019. Partner agencies accepted 3,459 transfers of animals, and volunteers fostered 1,933 pets in their homes to free up space at the shelter.

Thanks to those adoptions, transfers and fosters, the Wake County Animal Center has not been forced to euthanize animals to space in more than three years.

The shelter’s veterinarians were also hard at work spaying and neutering 3,357 animals in 2019. That’s up 292 from the year before.

Want to help the shelter break its adoption record again in 2020? Visit pets.wakegov.com to view a gallery of animals currently available for adoption.


About the Wake County Animal Center
The Wake County Animal Center is an open-admission shelter operated by Wake County in Raleigh. The center receives all stray, abandoned and surrendered pets in the county and works in partnership with fosters, volunteers and local rescues to treat and rehome thousands of homeless animals every year.

To learn more about the Wake County Animal Center and animals available for adoption, visit wakegov.com/pets, and follow the center on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @WakeGovPets.


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