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February 21
​Wake Commissioners Work Together to Create, Adopt 2019 Board Goals

Education, public health and elevating the quality of life for the most vulnerable residents in our community are among the top priorities for the Wake County Board of Commissioners this year. The board set these intentions when adopting its goals, objectives and initiatives for 2019 during its Monday, Feb. 18, regular board meeting.

“We worked as a team to develop challenging yet realistic goals that we think will drive positive change in our community where it’s needed most,” said Board Chair Jessica Holmes. “We look forward to working with staff over the next year to make significant progress in these areas, which will, in turn, make a significant difference in the lives of our residents.”

The board has seven goals, which include:

  • Community Health;
  • Economic Strength;
  • Education;
  • Great Government;
  • Growth and Sustainability;
  • Public Safety; and
  • Social and Economic Vitality.

Under those goals, the commissioners have developed 55 objectives, which serve as the steps the county will take to achieve its goals. The board carefully prioritized these objectives, so staff will know how and where to direct their efforts throughout the year.

The top 10 objectives for 2019 include:

  • Collaborating with the Wake County Public School System’s Board of Education to establish a mutually agreed-upon process for WCPSS local operating budget funding;
  • Prioritizing the Wake County Behavioral Health Plan work objectives and developing a three-year work plan;
  • Assessing existing programs and identifying gaps to develop and implement a comprehensive plan to support healthy and thriving babies and moms;

  • Expanding intervention opportunities for education and job training for detainees and those reentering the community through partnerships;
  • Supporting a higher quality of life for citizens in vulnerable communities through policy changes, partnerships, workforce development and the community college;
  • Expanding capacity and access to early childhood development and Pre-K programs;
  • Developing and implementing strategies to support businesses owned by minorities, women, individuals with disabilities, and socially and economically challenged individuals;
  • Convening Wake County municipalities and stakeholders to discuss growth, housing, sustainability, and zoning issues throughout the county;

  • Exploring a multi-criteria policy for economic development incentives to include work with vulnerable communities; and
  • Working collaboratively with all partners to preserve and increase the county's affordable housing inventory, reduce homelessness and improve the wellbeing of our most vulnerable citizens.
Residents can track the county’s progress in achieving these goals and objectives by visiting our online transparency portal.


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