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January 10
​Record Number of Wake County Pets Find Homes for the Holidays

Samson.jpgMore than 100 cats and dogs began the New Year with new families thanks to a record-setting number of adoptions during our Home for the Holidays Adoption Special.

During the week before Christmas, adopters took home 67 dogs and 42 cats from the Wake County Animal Center at reduced or name-your-price fees. That’s twice as many cats, and nearly twice as many dogs, as were adopted during the same period in 2017.

“That’s huge, because we have a constant flow of pets coming in,” said Dr. Jennifer Federico, director of the Wake County Animal Center. “Those adoptions freed up space for 109 new animals at the shelter, and that’s 109 happy families who have new pets to love and play with.”

In the three years since the program began, more than 250 pets have found a Home for the Holidays.

Finding the perfect pet
Whenever the Wake County Animal Center reduces rates to encourage adoption, there’s a well-meant misconception that many animals will end up right back in the shelter. However, statistics show that pets are not returned at a higher rate in Wake County when owners pay lower adoption fees.

That’s because shelter staff take time to consult with each adopter throughout the selection process, and they help ensure people pick a pet that makes sense for their unique lives and circumstances.

“We do our best to make the right matches when people come in to adopt,” Federico said. “You might really like that dog that catches your eye, but talk to us at the shelter, because it might not be suited to your family.”

Even if you missed your chance to bring a pet home for the holidays, it’s not too late to start 2019 with a furry new cuddle buddy. Since Christmas, owners have surrendered more than 300 animals to the Wake County Animal Center, so there is an abundance of animals looking to find a forever home.

Ready to meet your new best friend? View a gallery of the animals currently available for adoption.

About the Wake County Animal Center
The Wake County Animal Center is an open-admission shelter operated by Wake County. The center receives all stray, abandoned and surrendered pets in the county and works in partnership with fosters, volunteers and local rescues to treat and rehome thousands of homeless animals every year.

To learn more about the Wake County Animal Center and animals available for adoption, visit wakegov.com/pets and follow the center on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @WakeGovPets.


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