​Communications Office

The Wake County Communications Office stands ready to assist members of the media with questions they may have regarding Wake County. For your convenience, we've listed the members of the team. If you are not sure who should handle your request, contact Communications Director Dara Demi at 919-856-7547 or email communications@wakegov.com.

​Team Member ​Phone Number ​Position
Dara Demi ​919-856-7547 ​Communications Director
Amanda Perry 919-856-7542 ​Internal Communications Manager
vacant ​External Communications Manager
Alice Avery 919-856-7550 Communications Consultant
Leah Holdren 919-856-7330 ​Communications Consultant
John Hamlin ​919-856-7537 ​Communications Consultant
Todd Lanning 919-856-7532 Digital Media & Design Services Manager
Steve Walston ​919-856-6079 ​Web Content Coordinator
Qiudi Zhang​ ​919-856-5817 ​Graphic Designer
​Patrick McCaully ​919-856-5597 ​Video Producer

After-Hours Access

The Wake County Communications Office will respond to after-hours and holiday media calls via a pager system. Members of the news media needing immediate assistance may call 919-857-WAKE (919-857-9253) to be connected with the on-call staff member. The Communications Office may also be contacted by email at communications@wakegov.com.

Other Contacts

Name Department​ Phone Number​
​Jeff Hammerstein ​Wake EMS ​919-625-3260
Tim Simmons ​Wake County Public Schools ​919-431-7802
Karen Wallace ​Sheriff's Office ​919-856-6941
The Communications Office helps departments develop and maintain social media accounts and is also responsible for the County's website and graphic design work.