The Wake County Justice Center serves as a place for residents to participate in the judicial system, access public records and engage in local government activities. Other county government and courts services are located nearby in the Wake County Office Building and the Wake County Courthouse.

Visiting the Justice Center

Each person entering the Justice Center will be required to go through a security checkpoint.

Weapons and items such as mace, scissors and knives are prohibited in the Justice Center.



Services provided in the Wake County Justice Center:
County Services Floor
Budget & Management 4th Floor
Commissioners’ Meeting Room 2nd Floor
County Attorney 4th Floor
County Commissioners 4th Floor
County Manager 4th Floor
Finance (and Bids) 2nd Floor
Marriage and Vital Records 1st Floor
Communications Office 4th Floor
Register of Deeds 1st Floor
Tax Administration 3rd Floor
Courts & Services Floor
Clerk of Court – Cashier 2nd Floor
Clerk of Court –
Criminal District
1st Floor
Clerk of Superior Court
2nd Floor
District Attorney 8th Floor
Jury Assembly 3rd Floor
Probation and Parole 3rd Floor
Public Defender 5th Floor
Southlight 2nd Floor
Traffic Tickets 1st Floor

Several local government and courts services are located in other buildings:

Board of Elections
Child Support
Community Services
            Permits/Inspections Administration
            Parks, Recreation and Open Space
Environmental Services
            Solid Waste
            Water Quality
Express Library Fayetteville St.
Facilities Design and Construction
Guardian Ad Litem
Human Resources
Information Services
Permits/Plans Review
Planning, Development and Inspections
Civil, Small Claims, Juvenile and Family Courts
Clerk of Court-Civil Division (including Domestic Violence unit)
Clerk of Court –Estates Division
Clerk of Court- Special Proceedings Division
Custody Mediation
Family Court Office
Juvenile Court Counselor’s Office
Trial Court Administrator’s Office