Wake County Public Libraries (WCPL) provides exam proctoring services by appointment.  Proctoring is not available on Sunday.  

What We Do
  • Verify student IDs.
  • Verify library card.
  • Present exam materials.
  • Review exam instructions.
  • Monitor students from a distance
  • Monitor the exam time. 
  • There is no fee for the proctoring service itself.
  • Exam takers assume cost of printing or copying, at a rate of 25 cents per page, payable at the time of the exam, by cash or check.
  • Please provide postage and mailing supplies if the completed materials are to be mailed to the testing institution.
  • Online exams can be proctored.
  • The library cannot offer a classroom setting.  Our tables and computers are in a public space, and complete quiet and privacy are not always available. 
  • Current library card is needed to access our computers. 
  • Paper exams that are mailed or emailed to us can be proctored.
  • Completed exams can be scanned and emailed as attachments.

To schedule an exam:

  • Check the Proctoring Availability Calendar and sign up for an available appointment.
  • Once your exam has been scheduled, it is your responsibility to make arrangements with your testing institution to send exam materials/passwords to the proctoring site.
  • Please notify the proctoring site regarding any changes that develop.

On the day of your exam:

  • Please arrive promptly at the scheduled time.
  • Bring your photo ID, library card, payment for printing and mailing supplies, and any other allowable testing materials (e.g., calculator, pen, pencil, scratch paper, notes).
  • Leave other items in your car or at home, as library staff cannot hold items while your exam is being proctored.

For questions, call or email a Regional Library: 

Cameron Village Regional Library 919-856-6703 camproctoring@wakegov.com
East Regional Library 919-217-5324 erlproctoring@wakegov.com
Eva Perry Regional Library 919-387-2122 evaproctoring@wakegov.com
North Regional Library 919-870-4015 norproctoring@wakegov.com
Southeast Regional Library 919-662-2258 serproctoring@wakegov.com
West Regional Library 919-463-8501 wrlproctoring@wakegov.com