Policy Statement
Wake County Public Libraries (WCPL) strive to provide an inclusive, hospitable, and safe library environment which encourages reflection, study, and self-education for people of the community the library serves, regardless of race, color, religion, belief, sex, age or national origin.  To this end, WCPL  meeting room facilities are available to community groups free of charge on an equitable basis as a designated and limited forum for organizations engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual, or charitable activities, so long as use does not interfere with library activities and functions. Permission to use a meeting room does not constitute WCPL sponsorship of an organization, its activities, or the viewpoints expressed by participants at any meeting. 
Priority of Use
The meeting rooms located in the libraries of Wake County Public Libraries are primarily for programs sponsored by the Library, Library Commission, and other Library and County-related organizations. When meeting rooms are not scheduled for WCPL or other Wake County activities, meeting rooms are available to Applicants on a first come, first served basis.   Reservations will not be accepted for a series of meetings that designate the library as a regular meeting place and reservations may not be made more than 1 month in advance.     
Rules of Use
1.     All uses of the Meeting Room must comply with federal, state, and local law. 
2.     Groups using the library’s meeting rooms may not charge admission or make any monetary collections, regardless of whether these collections are designated as voluntary. 
3.     All meetings must be open to the general public.
4.     Programs must take place within usual library hours.  All programs must end 30 minutes before the Library closes. If written permission is obtained from WCPL to hold programs beyond usual Library hours, the User shall be required to pay any resulting fee for maintenance and security. 
5.     Meetings may not disrupt Library patrons or staff.  WCPL reserves the right to terminate any use that disrupts or interferes with normal Library operations or availability to the public.
6.     No amplifying devices may be used.
7.     No commercial uses, sales or solicitation events, non-library fundraisers, social, or celebratory events are permitted.
8.     No food or drink permitted in meeting rooms. 
9.     No use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, or vapor cigarettes permitted in meeting rooms.
10.  No disruptive behavior.
11.  No activities that impede or disrupt the functions of the library (for example, unacceptable noise levels, traffic patterns or activities in areas other than designated meeting room.) 
12.  Any use of equipment must be preapproved by WCPL.  No equipment that creates a risk or nuisance for Library property, patrons, or staff will be permitted.   
13.  Libraries are subject to the Wake County Facility Use Policy to the extent not inconsistent with the Wake County Public Library Meeting Room Policy.  


Applicant  Responsibilities

1.    An authorized adult representative of the Applicant group reserving the meeting room must remain on the premises for the duration of the period for which it is reserved.

2.    Groups should designate a representative to direct attendees/participants to the meeting space.

3.    When booking the space, groups should allow sufficient time before the library closes for set-up, break-down, and clean-up.
4.    Each group is responsible for setting up the room according to its own needs. Library facilities and meeting room users agree to restore the area to its original condition.  It is expected that the chairs and tables in the meeting room will be returned to the same arrangement in which they were found.
5.    Each group is responsible for providing his/her own approved presentation equipment (i.e., laptop, LCD Projector, Overhead projector, T.V., extension cords, etc.)
6.    Any user of the meeting room showing a film/video/DVD in the library must adhere to the copyright law.
7.    Films/videos/DVDs must have public performance rights in order to be viewed in the Library meeting room.
8.    Groups using the meeting room must assume all responsibility for any damage to the Library facilities.
9.    The reserving group is responsible for any set up of special equipment, carrying supplies to and from the meeting room, and leaving the room clean and orderly.      


The Library assumes NO responsibility for loss, theft, or damage to personal items, equipment, or vehicles in the parking lot.  Signing of the application by an individual or any representative of the group and/or organization releases the library of any responsibility for damage or loss suffered during the period of agreement.  The Applicant Group, individuals and/or organizations shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Wake County, Wake County Library System and its officers, agents, and employees from and against any and all claims, suits, actions of any kind, arising and resulting and accruing from any negligent act, omission or error of the Applicant group, individual and/or organization resulting in or relating to personal injuries or property damage arising from the Applicant organization/group’s use of the library meeting room.


Each Applicant group is responsible for its own publicity.  Any printed publicity shall include the statement: “This program is not sponsored by the Wake County Public Libraries.”  Applicant shall not use the Wake County logo in connection with publicity.  Participants may not call or mail the library to register.  Applicant may place a directional sign on a display stand provided by the library just prior to the meeting.  Materials may not be attached to walls, windows, doors or furnishings.  Unauthorized signs will be removed.
The Library Manager or Departmental Managers have the right to terminate any use of the meeting room for unlawful activity or violation of rules interfering with functioning or safety of the Library.  In addition, any individual violating Meeting Room use rules in a manner that constitutes a Type I Trespass (violating policy, disrespecting staff or visitors, interrupting county business) or Type II (criminal, threatening, or violent act) may be trespassed in accordance with the Wake County Workplace Violence Prevention Plan.
If you have any concerns, questions, or request for exceptions, please direct them to:
Christina H. Piscitello
Senior Library Manager
Wake County Public Libraries
Original Policy Effective Date:  March 11, 2009
Policy Revision Dates:  March 2009, February 2014, May 2015
Approved by:  Ann Burlingame, Deputy Director
 Wake County Library Commission
Published Date:  May 22, 2015
Effective Date:  May 27, 2015