Every Child Ready to Read at your library

Every Child Ready to Read ® @ your library ® is a nationally recognized program that supports parents and caregivers with the early literacy development of their children. Through talking, singing, reading, writing and playing, the Storytimes at Wake County Public Libraries help your child get ready to learn to read. Visit your local library to learn more and come to our Storytimes!

Make sure to check out our new service Click, Watch, Learn: Storytimes Online, a series of animated videos we created to support Every Child Ready to Read ® @ your library ®. 



Talking with children helps them learn oral language, a critical early literacy skill. Talk to your child when you are playing or running errands. Incorporate a "letter of the day" and have your child point out objects that begin with that letter. Most importantly, make sure to pick books that interest your child! 

Singing (and rhyming) increases children's awareness of and sensitivity to the sounds in words. At home, it can be as simple as singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" or the "Itsy Bitsy Spider." You can also take simple rhymes and sing them to a familiar tune. Clap with the tune, so your child hears the individual sounds of each word. For example, when singing and clapping the alphabet song, make sure to clap with each letter so "elemeno" becomes "L,M,N,O." 


Reading together remains the single most effective way to help children become proficient readers. Reading to your child helps develop new vocabulary and helps nurture a love of reading. Children who are read to and see their parents reading will be motivated to learn to read on their own.

Writing helps children learn that letters and words stand for sound and that print has meaning. Give your child plenty of opportunities to draw and write. This will help them develop the fine motor skills needed to write letters and words.

Play is one of the primary ways young children learn about the world. It helps a child think symbolically: a ruler can be a magic wand or a playmate could be an astronaut exploring space.