Wake County Public Libraries (WCPL) is pleased to announce a new partnership with North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA). The partnership will weave reading and books with the newly expanded African Art gallery. Visitors can experiment with and learn about African textiles through the interactive Threads of Experience gallery, which will feature a reading nook for families.

The African Art gallery expansion will open in NCMA’s East Building this summer. It will be three times larger than the current West Building African gallery. The new space will allow visitors to explore NCMA’s growing African collection and enjoy African creativity spanning 16 centuries.

WCPL Youth Services Managers carefully selected titles that complement the gallery. Many of these are classic children’s titles and traditional African tales by award-winning African-American children’s authors and illustrators. NCMA has purchased copies of these titles for families to enjoy, and have designed and printed a bookmark highlighting the titles. WCPL purchased new copies of each title to support the increased demand created by the bookmark. 

NCMA will host a special African Art Celebration on Saturday, September 23, 2017 at noon called Threads of Africa: A Celebration of Art, Nature, and People. The event will feature storytellers recommended by WCPL.

Learn more about NCMA’S African gallery.