The North Carolina Children's Book Award is a children's choice program sponsored by school and public librarians in North Carolina and is designed to introduce children to current children's literature and to instill a love of reading.

2018 Picture Books

The picture book category honors a picture book, suitable for lower elementary aged students (K-3). This award is intended to broaden students' awareness of current literature for youth, to promote reading aloud with students in the early grades as a means of introducing reading as a pleasure, and to recognize and honor children's favorite books and authors. nominated picture books.  

Quit Calling Me a Monster!, written by Jory John and illustrated by Bob Shea, is the winner of the picture book category.

2018 Junior Books

The purpose of the junior book category is to encourage students in the upper elementary grades (4-6) to become better acquainted with noteworthy writers of contemporary books, to broaden their awareness of literature as a means of personal satisfaction and as a lifelong pursuit, and to give recognition and honor to their favorite books and authors. 

Wish, written by Barbara O'Connor, is the winner of the junior book category.