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This program series is designed to help teens transition to a successful future. Each one focuses on a topic related to interpersonal skills, independent living skills, and/or physical and emotional wellness.
Teens collect a button for every program they attend. Once they've attended six LifeHacks programs, teens receive a letter of completion, suitable for inclusion in an academic application or professional portfolio. There are eleven programs in all, offered at libraries across Wake County. More information can be found on our calendar of events.

Calm Down
Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do you feel stressed out over school, friends, family etc.? If you answered yes to any of these questions please join us for a program to help you calm down. Learn about some ways that will help you relax and leave with some tips on how to better manage stress and anxiety.
logobuttonscolors-08.png ​Emoji Party
We all love our cell phones but put yours down for games and crafting at our emoji party! Learn basic cell phone etiquette and reflect on what private information is and how to keep it safe.
Free Fitness
Join us to learn simple, fun, and free ways to stay active and meet healthy goals. Go through basic exercises, fun apps and websites, and make start your own exercise plan. Come in comfortable clothes because we will be moving!
getalife.png ​Get a Life
Come learn how to get a life by exploring resources to help you choose a career and build the skills you need to succeed by completing as many minute-to-win-it challenges as possible.
ramen.png Hack Your Ramen
Learn how to make creative, tasty and nutritious upgrades to your standard 30 cents ramen packet. You will learn to hack your ramen at home with a microwave or electric kettle and a limited budget so that you can save your cash for more important things.
games.png Life Size Game of Life
You can be a winner in the game of life!  Join us for a life size version of the game life.  To rent or to buy; college or career; come make all the life decisions and see if you can win!
translation.png ​Lost in Translation
Discover how you tend to communicate, what you say without saying it, and practice being an effective communicator.
future.png Predict Your Future
Do you sometimes find it difficult to speak up for yourself? Are you afraid to ask for help when needed? Are you wondering what your future holds? If so, please join us as we learn strategies to help you “Predict Your Future!”
judge.png You Be the Judge
Court has come to order and it’s time for you to be the judge! Learn the skills you need to resolve conflicts and manage difficult situations through role play scenarios.
adventure.png Choose Your Own Adventure - Zombie Apocalypse
Will you survive or become a zombie? Test your decision-making skills with this choose your own adventure.