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Thank you to everyone who participate in the contest.
Congratulations to our winners! Enjoy their stories:

​1st Place - Kylen S.
2nd Place - Drew W.
3rd Place - Cece T.
Third Grade
​1st Place - Matias R.
2nd Place - Swecha P.
3rd Place - Adhya S.
First Grade
1st Place - Harrison J.
2nd Place - Sophia Rose C.
3rd Place - Emma C.
Fourth Grade
​1st Place - Diya M.
2nd Place - Tess M.
3rd Place - Aiden Alexander C.  
Second Grade
1st Place - Audrey G.
2nd Place - Veronika H.
3rd Place - Ziram ​F.
Fifth Grade
​1st Place - Katie M.
2nd Place - Krish A.
3rd Place - Kiran S.