The North Carolina General Assembly requires counties to reappraise real property at least every eight years using mass appraisal. Wake County's next scheduled revaluation is set for 2016. Through revaluation, an assessor groups properties and prepares a uniform schedule of values, standards and rules to ensure that tax values reflect market values.

Real estate taxes comprise 85% of County revenue. The Revenue department manages about 1.15 million tax bills, 350,000 of which are attributable to real property, projected to increase to 385,000 by 2016.

Computer-Assisted Mass Appraisal, or CAMA, is used to manage and value real estate within the Wake County property tax system. CAMA includes a Revaluation module specifically dedicated for the use and tracking of mass appraisal activities.

The 2016 Revaluation project encompasses technical assessments, defect resolutions, and software upgrades and enhancements for the CAMA application, the revaluation module, and its related components.

The County deployed the first of several software in March 2014, including the following enhancements to enable appraisers to initiate neighborhood analyses:
  1. Upgrade CAMA from .NET 1.1 to .Net 4.0
  2. Configure the revaluation module with specific analysis criteria for 2016
  3. Redesign sample sets and reval analysis screens and output
  4. Implement identified enhancements to the appeals screens 
  5. Implement identified enhancements to the appeals reports
  6. Redesign the Comparable Sales screen to view photo/sketch
  7. Redesign the Database Sync process between CAMA and revaluation module
  8. Configure the income model for CAMA and revaluation module
  9. Configure the Income Model Mass Update process for CAMA and revaluation module
  10. Configure the Land Pricing and Schedule process
  11. Develop a new application to automate the appeals review for the Board of Equalization
  12. Configure the processes to value and manage land parcels
  13. Consolidate building addition codes 
  14. Upgrade system server environment
Technical improvements are planned through 2016 to support the scheduled appraisal activities of the Revenue department, to decrease incompatibility risks and security vulnerabilities, and to improve our customer services through our value statements:
  1. Provide, maintain, update, and expand technical infrastructure to create a foundation for the County's business operations.
  2. Collaborate with customers to design and implement effective and sustainable solutions in support of business needs.
  3. Identify and implement re-engineering efforts that will reduce costs for internal operations and expenses incurred by our customers.
  4. Improve access to County information and services.