Wake County implemented a formal Enterprise Records Management Program in 2017, the first county in the state to do so. Information retained beyond its useful life or not in an appropriate repository contributes to excessive cost, increased risk, and inefficiency, confusion and lack of accountability. Over-retention of short-lived records, copies and outdated information can impede the critical path of service delivery; however, premature and uncontrolled disposal of records with long-term business value may render an operation unable to perform while meeting regulatory and legal requirements, thereby potentially exposing the County to avoidable risk.

Our vision is to create an environment where County information and records are perceived as an asset and are well managed, secure, accurate and have integrity.

This groundbreaking program is focused on:
  • Ensuring compliance with North Carolina General Statutes and Local Government Record Retention Schedules;
  • Establishing or updating records management policies and procedures;
  • Increasing awareness of Records Management principles using a newly established countywide network of Records Champions and employee training;
  • Providing a methodology for the inventory and review of information that is managed and maintained by the County; and
  • Reducing the risk, excessive cost and inefficiency associated with the over-retention of short-term records and possible premature disposal of records with long-term or even permanent value.
Key goals of the program are to:
  • Collaborate across all functional areas of the county to implement standardized processes, roles and accountability with respect to records and information management;
  • Ensure the integrity of County data and records;
  • Protect the privacy and confidentiality of County records; and
  • Ultimately, provide transparent and efficient service delivery to the citizens of Wake County.