This year we completed the launch of our Public Health System and Dental System Portals, which allow our clinic patients to online and securely:

  • Email their providers directly
  • See upcoming and past appointments
  • Email our billing staff
  • See their medical history
  • Save, print, email a copy of their medical records
  • Obtain their lab results
  • Obtain a copy of their dental records

Parents can access their children's accounts, as well.

We have additional functionality planned for the future and are completing a bid process for an Automated Patient Appointment Reminder System that will integrate with the GE Centricity Public Health system and provide:

  • Feature provided by a service we pay for monthly 
  • Supports Multipliable modalities (Phone, email, text)
  • Unlimited calls, texts and emails
  • 24 x 7 support

Caller ID shows Wake County information.


Messaging via the patient portal is customizable based on provider, location, status and appointment types. We are able to track all messaging by patient for auditing purposes and can send procedure-specific information to patients.

Other features of the system include:

  • New patients receive specific instructions
  • Messages based on clinical alert flags
  • Real-time messages to our customers and staff for emergencies, weather notices, etc.
  • Ability to have different people manage different segments of the application
  • Deliver messages in English, Spanish
  • Ability to schedule data transfers. (For security reasons we would want to push data to customers vs. pulling data from their system.)


Reports can be separated by location/specialty and automatically sent to those individuals. The system features a web portal to view reports, and reports can be sent by email to managers. Other features include:

  • Easy, self-service access to patient contact information, including the recordings of phone calls
  • Ability to show data on each health maintenance initiative (campaign) in real time
  • Ability to delegate staff to cover for people on vacation, or filling in for others
  • Record phone calls – Allow us to have access to these recordings

Integration with GE

  • No-Show messaging is configurable.
  • Reminder results are populated back into the schedule. (If the patient asks for a cancellation or to reschedule)

Post-Procedure Messaging

  • Ability to send messages after an appointment
  • Configurable by appointment type
  • Ability to respond to answers given in the message (e.g., if we ask them if they've scheduled their follow up appointment and they respond with “no,” we can text them back and ask them to do that)

Survey patients

  • Automatically send patients a survey link after their appointment
  • Survey questions are customizable
  • Won’t send surveys if the patient has answered a survey in the past year/month (Configurable) 
  • Automatic, self-service reporting of survey statistics, results and answers