Wake County ECM Platform Continues to Expand

Over the past year we enhanced our Electronic Content Management (ECM) Platform to include property tax appeal forms submitted by citizens via mail, courier or in person. The system functionality includes:
  • Configured process for scanning in various types of appeals documentation,
  • Specifically designed workflow to properly assign appeals and supporting documentation to an existing real estate ID, and
  • Daily electronic file of appeals that is exported to the Revenue NC Property Tax system, where an appeal is created and maintained with the associated real estate information.
Using an ECM interface product called App Enabler, Revenue staff can access the images from the ECM platform as needed with a single-click process from within the NC Property Tax system.

Functionality currently being tested includes:
  • For those appeals received electronically via our website and the Revenue Portal, configuring a scheduled process to automatically import appeals from a specified share into the ECM platform
  • Configuration of the current appeals workflow to scan and store two other appeal types 
  • A process being developed to automatically import the annual notice file for every parcel in Wake County into the ECM platform
  • Configuration of the ECM platform to scan and store six different applications and forms
The configuration, workflow and retrieval processes completed to date provide the appropriate Revenue staff electronic access to review pertinent documentation related to a property, aiding in the research/determination/resolution of a citizen’s request.

Platform Enhancement

This year we have added ECM Platform Enhancements in the form of:
  • Data-at-Rest Security – Completed implementation of an additional level of data-at-rest security in the form of disc encryption for the ECM Platform data
  • Dashboard Reporting – Implemented a tool that allows our Computer Systems Administrators and end users to develop reports from the platform data and create dashboard reports as required

Senior and Adult Services ECM

This year we will complete the efforts to bring two Wake County Adult Services Divisions – Adult Protective Services and Special Assistance In-Home Services – onto the Wake County ECM platform. This deployment will provide electronic document repository and management, electronic case files for the case managers, work flow, and document sharing across the appropriate Human Service divisions.

The case managers will have access to their case files via encrypted laptops while in the field and can update their files on site and sync the data when they rejoin the network.