​Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System

Schedule, hear results, pay fees, or cancel inspections from any touch-tone telephone.

[Speed Dialing] [Available Hours of Operation]

 Phone: 919-856-6060

 Welcome to the Wake County Inspections Interactive Voice Response System.


​If you have a touch-tone telephone ​Press 1
​If you have your permit number ​Press 1
​For a directory of inspections personnel ​Press 2
​Inspections Division information ​Press 3
​For other assistance ​Press 0
​To end your call ​Press 9
​Please enter your seven digit permit number
(each permit starts with "M" or "0")
Use 6 for M                                             (Example)
​System pauses to repeat permit number
​If this is correct Press 1
​If not correct ​Press 2
​To repeat this message ​Press 3
​Schedule/Hear Results/Cancel ​
​To schedule an inspection ​Press 1
​To hear the results of an inspection ​Press 2
​To cancel an inspection ​Press 3
​Health Dept. results for water/septic ​Press 4
​Certificate of Occupancy Status ​Press 5
​To Pay for a Permit ​Press 6
​To enter another permit number ​Press 7
​For other assistance ​Press 0
​To end your call ​Press 9
​For a Building Inspection ​Press 1
​Electrical ​Press 2
Mechanical ​Press 3
​Plumbing Press 4
Mobile Home ​Press 5
Building Inspection Selection
​For a Footing Inspection Press 1
​Slab ​Press 2
​Foundation ​Press 3
​Framing ​Press 4
​Insulation ​Press 5
​Final Building ​Press 6
​Fire Suppression ​Press 7
​Temporary Power Pole ​Press 8
​Storage Tank ​Press 9
​Electrical Inspection Selection
​For an Electrical Rough-In ​Press 1
​Electrical Final ​Press 2
​Temporary Power Pole ​Press 3
​Electrical Ground Work ​Press 4
​Change of Service ​Press 5
​Mechanical Inspection Selection
​Mechanical Rough-In ​Press 1
​Mechanical Final ​Press 2
​Mechanical Ground Work ​Press 3
​Commercial Hood ​Press 4
​Plumbing Inspection Selection
​Plumbing Rough-In ​Press 1
​Plumbing Final ​Press 2
​Water final ​Press 3
​Sewer Final ​Press 4
​Plumbing Ground Work ​Press 5
​New Inspection/Re-inspection
​For a new inspection ​Press 1
​For a re-inspection ​Press 2
​You selected:
​IVR repeats your selection entry
(e.g., you selected "Footing Inspection")
​If this is correct ​Press 1
​If not correct ​Press 2
​Please hold as your request is processed: (pause)
​Your request has been successfully completed.
(if scheduling an inspection, after confirmation you may hang up or
press 9 to end your call.)
Hear Results
​This inspection was: approved
​not approved
​not approved, and a re-inspection fee was charged
​not approved, and a re-inspection fee was not charged
not made, fee must be paid prior to scheduling
​ ​
​Last update to this record was made on: (Date)
​To enter another inspection for this permit ​Press 2
​To enter another permit number ​Press 3
​For other assistance
(assistance available only during business hours)
​Press 0
​To end your call ​Press 9
​You may cancel an inspection any time before it has been printed.  Wait for confirmation message:
Your request has been successfully completed.
​Note: To cancel a requested inspection after it has been printed, telephone the Wake County Building Inspections Division before 9 a.m.
at 919-856-6222.

 For additional services and information,
please visit our homepage



When using the interactive voice response system, you do not have to wait for the voice prompts.  The system will pause in order to repeat your permit number.  You may enter the digits as fast as you wish once you have used the system a few times.  In the beginning it is a good idea to follow the prompts to get used to the system.  The following example illustrates how speed dialing may be used when scheduling a new footing inspection.

As soon as the announcement begins​ ​Press 1
​If you have your permit number ​Press 1
​Key in permit number (ex: 0998721)
​If this is correct ​Press 1
​Schedule ​Press 1
​Building Inspection ​Press 1
​Footing ​Press 1
​New Inspection ​Press 1
​"Selected--Schedule Footing, if correct" ​Press 1
​Your request has been successfully completed.
​Key strokes were: (1-1-permit #-1-1-1-1-1-1)
(after confirmation--press 9 to end call)


IVR System is available approximately 24 hours each day.  Files are temporarily closed each weekday morning between 6 a.m. and 6:30 a.m., during which time the inspection results are printed.  Maintenance requires temporary closure of files each evening between 10 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.

The following does not include observed holidays.


​Monday after 6 a.m. ​Tuesday
​Tuesday after 6 a.m. ​Wednesday
​Wednesday after 6 a.m. ​Thursday
​Thursday after 6 a.m. ​Friday
​Friday 6 a.m. thru Monday 6 a.m. ​Monday

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