​Accessing Permit Records and History Scheduling and Canceling Inspections Through the Web 

Wake County has partnered with MobileHWY of Charlotte to provide easy web access to all permit records and to allow scheduling and cancellation of inspections by permit holders. This system should be available 24/7 and can also be accessed through some web enabled telephone and communication devices.
Use of the Wake County system to view permit information and history requires only that one have access to the Internet. You can access this system on the Inspection Page for MobileHWY
To schedule and cancel inspections requires access to the Internet and a login ID and password. The ID and password are tied to the main license number on the building or trade permit. This ensures that only those with access to the ID and password for a specific builder/contractor can schedule or cancel inspections on that permit. ID and password can be alpha or numeric or any combination of the two. It is best if the contractor or the contractor’s representative select the ID and password so that it can be easily remembered. It should not be so simple that it is easy to guess. The ID and password can be changed by request, if necessary.
To establish your ID and password, simply select what is best for you and email it to IDPP.Permitting@wakegov.com. If your ID and password are not already in use, a confirmation will be emailed back to you. If your ID and password are already in use by another contractor, you will be requested to make another selection. Once you have established your ID and password, you may begin to schedule and cancel your inspection through your web browser. The same business rules apply that are used for other methods of scheduling and canceling. All inspections are scheduled for the next business day. All cancellations after 6 a.m. on the day the inspection is scheduled, still require that you call the inspector or the permit staff (919-856-6060).