​Effective July 1, 2013 (Wake County)

Wake County issues a single permit for all projects which cover all necessary work.  (i.e., Building, Plumbing, Mechanical & Electrical)
​ ​A. New dwellings – single or duplex, stick built & modular homes/house moved.1 , 2
​ Up to 1,200 square feet $366 per dwelling
​Over 1,200 square feet ​Add $0.20 for each additional square foot
​​Gross floor area finished within the inside perimeter of the exterior walls with no deduction for garage, corridors, stairs, closets or other features. Finished area is that portion of building served by either electrical, mechanical or plumbing systems and suitable for occupant's use. Add $60 for temporary service pole inspections, if needed.
​Multi-Family Dwelling1, 2
​For the first unit of each building ​$366
​For each additional unit of each building ​$152
Manufactured Homes 1, 2 ​$182
​ ​B. Residential – addition (examples: bedrooms, baths, sunroom, attached garage with room above)1, 2
​Up to 400 square feet ​$228
​Over 400 square feet ​Same as new dwelling
​ ​
C. Residential accessory structures (examples: decks, detached garages/storage buildings, porches)1, 2
​Land use fee ​$60
​Plus trade fee for each trade (building, electrical, plumbing, heating) ​$60 each
​Plus square footage fee ​$0.20 per square foot
D. Swimming Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs (Any structure intended for swimming or recreational bathing with a water depth >24 inches)


Heated +$60
​ ​E. Additional fees:
​Re-inspection fee for each extra trip required to approve a required inspection. ​$60
​Flood certification reviews and verifications (if required) ​$50
​Inspection for temporary construction pole ​$60
​ ​
F. Onsite wastewater permits (where private onsite waste water, septic system is installed)
​Improvement permit ​$200
​Land use fee ​$60
​Construction authorization (for standard gravity systems) ​$200
​Total for wastewater permit ​$460
​ ​
G. Onsite well water fee (where private onsite well water will be installed)
​Fee includes permit, required inspections and base water test ​$400
​ ​
​ ​H. Onsite verification of well or wastewater system location for additions and pools
​Field consultation ​$100
​ ​
​I. Trade Inspections1
​Building ​$60
​Electrical ​​$60
​Mechanical ​​$60
​Plumbing ​​$60
​J. Residential – Demolition Permits (without replacement under new permit) ​
Permit and one final inspection
K. Non-Residential (new work, additions/alterations & demolition)1, 2
Based on project cost per trade. ​
​$ Cost ​Fee Charged
​$0–$700 ​$60
$701–$1,500​ ​$92
​$1,501–$2,500 ​$138
​$2,501–$25,000 ​$204
​$25,001–$50,000 ​$407
​$50,001–$100,000 ​$815
​$100,001–$200,000 ​$1,629
​$200,001–$350,000 ​$2,852
​$350,001–$500,000 ​$3,768
​$500,001–$750,000 ​$5,042
​$750,001–$1,000,000 ​$6,314
​$1,000,000 and up ​Add .15% (multiply by .0015) of each added million dollars or portion thereof
​L. Administrative Fee ​$60
An administrative fee will be charged for each resubmitted site plan, inspector field consultation, permit amendment, addendums, and construction plans requiring two or more reviews.
​M. Re-inspection Fee ​$60
A re-inspection fee is charged for each extra trip necessary to approve a required inspection. Must be paid prior to scheduling a re-inspection.
1 Structures constructed without permits will have the fees assessed at double the published amount.
2 Permit fee includes cost of plan review and all required inspections. A re-inspection fee will be charged for each extra trip required to approve a required inspection.
Note: One re-inspection fee waived for any new primary dwelling that has a construction value of $40,000 or less. For subsequent re-inspections for that same item or re-inspections for any other item, the $60 re-inspection fee will apply.