Applying for "M" Permits/ (Trade Permits)

"M" permits are available to anyone who must obtain a plumbing, electrical or mechanical permit. It may be issued for Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical or Refrigeration work, for any combination of the four trades or for all four trades. Examples are: heat pump replacement or electric water heater replacement, both of which require heating and electrical work, and the installation of backup generators that operate on natural gas. Each project must have all required trades listed prior to issuance.
"M" permits/ (trade permits) applications may be filled out using the Word document on your computer then emailed directly to, or print and then fax to 919-856-6229. This application provides for the permitting and inspection of projects with single and multiple trades if a building permit is not required.
Application may also be made in person at our office, located in the Waverly F. Akins Wake County Office Building, 336 Fayetteville St., Suite 101, Raleigh, NC. We accept checks, credit cards or cash. Starter checks are not accepted.
Access the PDF version "M" permit application here.
Access the Word document version of the "M" permit application here.
Once the permit is created, you will be notified by email or fax of the permit number and the fees due.
Payments for M permits (trade permits) can be made by calling 919-856-6060. The system will prompt you to press ‘1’ if you are using a touchtone phone. At the next system prompt press ‘1’ to enter your seven digit permit number. (Note: The first digit of the M permit is the letter M, which is located on the ‘6’ key of your telephone keypad; for example, if your permit number is M022761, you should enter 6022761.) After entering your permit number, the system will ask you to press ‘1’ to confirm that you have entered the correct permit number. After confirming your permit number, you will choose option ‘6’ to pay for the permit. The system accepts Visa and Mastercard. Staff cannot take credit card information over the phone.


Payment may be made by mailing a check to Wake County Inspections or by credit card through the Automated Request Line, 919-856-6060, (IVR inspection scheduling system – Option 6). Please be aware that a third-party vendor handles credit card payments and postings for the IVR, and there is a convenience fee assessed of $5 on the first $100, and $3 for each portion thereafter. Payment may also be paid at the offices of Wake County Inspections when picked up.