​Go to the Inspections home page,  http://wakegov.com/inspect, and click on the button shown below. You will need to scroll down the page until the button is located.

You should then see the following screen. Click on the “Permit Information” link.


Once the link is clicked, the following page will appear. You will have the options listed below.

• Search by Permitsearchpermit.png
• Search by Address
• Search by Owner
• Search by Applicant Name
• Search by Pin








For sake of this document, we will Search by Permit.  In the box following “Permit Number,” enter your permit number. You must enter all numbers and letters. For instance, an M-Permit will be in the following format, Mxxxxxxx. Building permits will be in the following format, 0xxxxxx.

Once you have entered the permit number, click the “SUBMIT” button. You will be taken to the information screen. On the information screen, the following information will be available.

• Owner Informationownerinfo.png
• Permit Status
• Trade Information
• Hold Status
• Additional Information








Click the “View Inspection History” button located in the Owner Information block.


You will then need to click the “Click here to view all trade inspections” link. The screen show below will come up showing all past and present inspections. Three different status options are displayed.

• Approved: This inspection was approved
• Failed: This inspection failed
• Pending: This permit is scheduled for inspection.


Click on any of the options to see the results for the inspections and any notes written by the inspector. If the inspection is “PENDING” click on the link and you will see the following screen.


The box following “Inspector” contains the initials of the inspector for this inspection.
To obtain the contact information for this inspector, go to the Field Inspectors Directory. A listing of all inspectors and inspection areas are shown.

If you have any problems, you may call one of the Lead Inspectors for assistance. You may call after 7 a.m.

Please have your permit number handy and be prepared to write down the inspector's contact information.


Name ​Trade ​Initials ​Phone
Tim Gull​ ​Building ​TJG ​919-524-4633
​Dennis Maidon ​Mechanical ​DNM ​919-524-0379
​Ken Keplar ​Plumbing
Mobile Homes
​KWK ​919-524-4665

Greg Vance

​Electrical ​GAV ​919-524-4661