Work First is an employment program designed to assist families that are in a temporary financial crisis. The Work First program provides a wide array of supportive services to aid families in achieving self-sufficiency.  Services are provided to Child Only cases; these are cases where a child is living in the home of a specified relative not the biological or adopted parent(s).  
Work First objectives include but are not limited to:
                                • Job Readiness
                                • Employment
                                • Child well-being
                                • Economic Self-Sufficiency
                                • Safe and affordable housing
                                • Improved  physical and mental health of families

200% and TANF-EA 
200% provides services to assist families in crisis with maintaining employment. Qualifying families must meet basic income guidelines as well as other requirements, including but not limited to: being a United States citizen, a resident of Wake County, qualified immigrant and having at least one child under the age of 18 years of age living at home. Each family is assessed based on their individual situation.
Family Size​ 1​ 2​ 3​ 4​ 5​ 6​ 7​ 8​
200%​ $2,010 $2,707​ $3,404 $4,100​ $4,797​ $5,494 $6,190 $6,887​
TANF-EA Services are provided to eligible working families depending on availability of funds. The maximum benefit is $300.00 in a 12-month period.  Household income must be at or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Level.

​Family Size ​1 2​ 3​ 4​ 5​ 6​ 7​ 8​
150%​ $1,508​ $2,030 $2,553 $3,075​ $3,598​ ​$4,120 $4,643 $5,165

Domestic Violence:
 Services include but are not limited to counseling for victims and child witnesses of domestic violence and/or sexual assault.  Referrals, case management, group counseling, therapy and shelter/housing
Supportive Services available for Work First families:
                                                            • Short Term Training    
                                                            • Vocational Testing (Community Workforce Solutions)
                                                            • STEPS Class (Job Readiness)
                                                            • Benefit Diversion
                                                            • Child Care (For mandatory participants)
                                                            • Transportation Assistance 
                                                            • Limited Financial Assistance
                                                            • Mental Health Counseling & referral
                                                            • Substance Abuse Counseling  & referral 
                                                            • Medicaid
                                                            • Housing Assistance

 For more information, please call 919-212-7846.